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Outside Inn

Outside Inn

It’s an upside down world at the Outside Inn these days.  We’re focusing on the things we love; we’re especially finding beauty in the flowers blooming and the heartfelt comments from customers who love and support the business.  While public health and our long standing commitment to our community demand that we remain mostly closed during the pandemic, we’ve been trying to focus on the long list of amazing experiences we’ve had over the last decade.  We have many great memories that you, our customers, have provided over the years. We’ve hosted people getting married, cancer-free celebrations, high school reunions, retreats, engagements, anniversaries and so many guests who come for their annual Nevada City getaway.  Wow, to think about how much fun and camaraderie so many people have had in Nevada City is such great medicine for these times.

While we wait for more information and clarity on when we’ll be able to resume “normal” operations, we are staying positive.  As business owners, community members and parents, we are looking into the future, past the uncertainty and anxiety, to a time when coronavirus retreats and life begins anew.  We’re encouraged by the strength of common purpose that so many in California are showing.  We’re encouraged by the scientists, health care workers, farmers, grocery store clerks and countless others who are taking care of all of us in Nevada City and around the world.  Is this easy?…of course not.  Many of you will be struggling in a multitude of ways to cope with life as it is now.  Many of you may even have been sick from coronavirus.  However, please know that we are thinking of you all.  We are doing what we can to slow the spread, mitigate the impact and prepare for a brighter day.  We love the customers and staff who bring so much life to our business, so we’re feeling the loss of you all; but we will be here on the other end of this, waiting and happy to welcome you again. Until then, please be safe, be healthy and above all, be compassionate.

Outside Inn

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  1. Beth Anne Mathers
    Beth Anne Mathers says:

    Missing you all too. Looking forward to returning to NC when safe to do so.

    Be well, Be kind, Be love!

  2. LeeAnn Brook
    LeeAnn Brook says:

    Thank you Outside Inn for all that you have done to spread the word about our little town of Nevada City. Your love shows our love, and the many years of ups and downs, finding beauty no matter what. You’re thoughtful posts, and community spirit is needed now more than ever. Wishing you and your family the best of health and a hopeful future.

  3. Virginia Lee
    Virginia Lee says:

    So eloquently expressed, Erin. It’s good to know that we’re all in this together. I can’t imagine a better place to be during a crazy time like this. I’m glad to know you’re there and I’m glad to be here too. I think of Outside Inn as the hub of residential Nevada City. Especially at Halloween. I wonder if that will ever be possible again. Deep breath.

  4. Victoria Prechter
    Victoria Prechter says:

    Hi Erin, It’s good to see your post. It’s like the first beautiful iris you see blooming in your yard this time of year.
    I’m so happy to see that our county has done such a great effort to stay healthy and strong for each other.
    We have had to postpone a few celebrations in the family, but realize that the day will come to celebrate in a more appreciative way soon.
    Thank you for all you do for Nevada City and our community!

  5. Leia
    Leia says:

    Love to you and your family. Thank you for yet another great post. Weird and hard times for sure right now. We will be be forever changed, hopefully for the better.

  6. Joan
    Joan says:

    Erin, thank you so much for your uplifting newsletters and photos. I can’t wait to meet you in person one day.

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