Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, have you thought about how you’re going to celebrate?  There are so many great things to do, see, eat and buy for your loved one locally.

For the sweet tooth, you can buy DeGroot truffles from Nevada City Truffle Shop, chocolate covered strawberries from Nevada City Chocolate Shoppe, an ice cream sundae for two from Treats, a bar of Cello Chocolate, a cupcake from Emily’s Catering Pop Up Bakery (they’ll have 20 varieties of cupcakes), vegan chocolate from Lulu’s Chocolate or something sweet from Lazy Dog Chocolateria.   BriarPatch bakery is doing house-made Chocolate Eclairs, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day this year.

Little Boy Flowers locally grown anemones and poppies will be at on sale at Three Forks Bakery from 10-2 on Valentine’s Day.  HEX in downtown Grass Valley is having a floral pop up by Ash + Oak a new local florist from the Bay Area on the 13th and 14th of February.  Foothill Flowers, in downtown Grass Valley, hand-picks flowers at the San Francisco Flower Mart for bouquets with gorgeous roses, tulips, orchids, lilies and much more.  And don’t forget Foothill Flowers always sells wine by Dave the Wine Merchant.

There are some great local shopping options in Nevada City from My Favorite ThingsKitkitdizzi, Mama Madrone’sGray Goose, Abstrakt or Judi’s.  Downtown Grass Valley offers gift options in Mint, Cult of Gemini, Element and Loft, His. A Gentleman’s Sundry and Yuba BlueGather & Mill has jewelry, caramels, floral smudges, goddess boxes, bath products, stained glass hearts, crystal gift boxes & cards. HEX encourages giving the gift of living plants, they are fully stocked with Valentine’s Day inspired indoor plants, plus a large selection of plant based wellness and body care gifts as well.

Or perhaps you want to get creative and make your sweetheart something special. The Artist Workshop has Valentine’s Day pottery pieces and a few holiday workshops and Lola and Jack has some fun crafty events.

If you’re thinking about food, there are options from savory treats, to eating out to foodie gifts.  Grab a bag of the Valentine’s Day blend from Caroline’s Coffee or try the Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar from The Olive Groove.  Or maybe buy a BriarPatch cooking class or gift certificate to Polly’s Paladar Supper Club.

There are lots of great options in downtown Nevada City or Grass Valley to grab a bite to eat.  If you’re not interested in eating out, why not order a pre-made dinner to go, Backporch Market is offering a 4 course Valentine’s Dinner for Two, pre-order the meal by the 8th.

Or maybe you want to hear some live music, The Miners Foundry welcomes the Dead Beats to the stage on the 16th.  Other places around town with live music on Valentine’s Day include: 1849 Brewing Co, The Stone House, Crazy Horse Saloon & Grill, Friar Tuck’s, to name a few.

The downtown Grass Valley wineries are hosting their Valentine’s Day Wine Walk on Saturday, February 9th from 4-7pm.  Stroll to the tasting rooms and get two complementary tastings at Avanguardia WinesLucchesi VineyardsSierra Starr Vineyards and Cork 49.

Although I do love the gift that keeps on giving; whether it’s a local wine club membership, a CSA to a farm or gift certificate to local Polly’s Paladar Supper Club.  Or maybe you want to give someone an experiential gift; a spot in either the upcoming a guided fishing lesson, an art class, yoga classes, a ticket to a local concert, Chef’s Dinner at Tess’ Kitchen.   Or maybe you want to join me on the Folk Trails Hiking Club (join us on Valentine’s Day at 3pm at the Outside Inn to learn about local history).  Maybe this Valentine’s Day you want to book a trip for a future adventure (like a room at the Outside Inn or a campsite at the Inn Town Campground).  If this post doesn’t have enough ideas, check out the Pinterest board with more local suggestions.

And now the giveaways, why not share the love and have 10 different prizes?  Post a comment for your to chance to a dozen cupcakes from Emily’s Catering, gift certificate to The Olive Groove, $20 gift certificate to Backporch Market, hydra aromatherapy shower burst from Yuba BlueTreats “Bouquet” of our floral flavored ice creams, one small scoop each of Lavendar, Rose and Jasmine ice cream served with a topping in a waffle cup, $20 gift certificate to BriarPatch Co-opa box of 6 long stem chocolate dipped strawberries from Nevada City Chocolate Shoppe$20 gift certificate from Carolines Coffee or a Valentine’s Day Bouquet & Champagne from Foothill Flowers valued at $100 or 2 tickets to the Miners Foundry Mardi Gras performance, $50.  The 10 winners will be announced Monday, February 11th.  **Edited to say the winners are:  Emily’s Catering: Kathy Hart, The Olive Groove: Jenn, Backporch Market: Kelly O’Neil, Yuba Blue: Judith, Treats: Geoff, BriarPatch: Michelle Noe, Nevada City Chocolate Shoppe: Kathleen Boyer, Carolines Coffee: Rashelle Griffin, Foothills Flowers: Ingrid Knox,  Miners Foundry Tickets: Louise Bock, congrats!

© 2019 InnSide Nevada City, © photos by Erin Thiem and Lenkaland Photography

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  1. Sue McElligott
    Sue McElligott says:

    I want to do the Valentine’s Day hike! Sounds fun. Do I sign up or just show up? As always, great blog Erin! So much to do in our great town!

  2. Emma Lee Williams
    Emma Lee Williams says:

    I’ll be working at the lovely watershed at the owl for valentines day. We are doing a fixed coursed menu @ $80per person with an additional wine flight or added house made chocolate boxes for the table. I’m crossing my fingers for foothill flowers & lazy dog carmellows from my husband. Beautiful post as always Erin! ❤

  3. Holly Graham
    Holly Graham says:

    Thank you for another great blog post with lots of good ideas for Valentine’s day. Definitely needed this!

  4. Andrea Lanser
    Andrea Lanser says:

    Thank you Outside Inn for you insightful emails, you always show the best of our towns. I would love the Valentine’s goodies to spoil my wonderful husband with. I always have to work on Valentine’s Day. It’s not like I’m saving lives or anything, but I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 40 years and pretty much have worked every Valentine’s Day. I do love being part of so many lovely romantic celebrations though, I’ve seen surprise wedding proposals, 1-50+year Anniversary’s and announcements of pregnancy ❤️ It continues to remind me how much love is still in this world . Please keep sharing great articles about our beautiful corner of this great world.

  5. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    What a fun Valentines giveaway! Any prize would do, though I’ve been really liking Olive Groove’s balsamic vinegars!

  6. Debbie Campbell
    Debbie Campbell says:

    Always so grateful for the array of ideas and activities you share here in your blog. There truly are few blogs I read through on a regular basis, but yours is always a wealth of ideas for our beautiful community and a wonderful support of our local small businesses. Thank you!

  7. Stacy Beilman
    Stacy Beilman says:

    Amazing! I had no idea there were so many cool things to do, eat and smell (flowers) for Valentines Day in Nevada County. Thanks for sharing

  8. Chelsea Lynch
    Chelsea Lynch says:

    I love love, and I love these giveaways. Great reminders of ways to treat your sweetie and support local retailers!

  9. Christopher Carmichael
    Christopher Carmichael says:

    Wow, lots of wonderful things going on for Valentine’s Day here in town. Thanks for all the info. Looking forward to a sweet day with my wife.

  10. Kelly Santos
    Kelly Santos says:

    Can’t wait to be back in town over Valentine’s weekend – love that there are 10 giveaways to win for this time!

  11. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Thanks for all the fabulous ideas! Aren’t we lucky to have so many wonderful choices in our area? That ice cream sundae looks scrumptious! I don’t think I’d share…

  12. Brian McFarren
    Brian McFarren says:

    Wow! You always have such great ideas in your blog posts, and who wouldn’t want a chance to win one of these special treats?

  13. Sydney Moon
    Sydney Moon says:

    I love the idea of a gift that keeps giving like a CSA! We don’t usually do gifts for Valentine’s Day, but we do enjoy making an extra fancy dinner we wouldn’t typically make (like ribeyes or homemade pasta).

  14. Becca Schultz
    Becca Schultz says:

    I also wanted to mention that Purveyer’s Pantry on Broad Street is making a special valentine’s dinner for take out on Feb 14th. I don’t know what they will be having yet but it should be good. By the way, we find that one dinner is plenty for the 2 of us.

  15. Rachel C
    Rachel C says:

    Thank you so much for posting all this awesomeness! I mean so many different places for gift ideas, and who doesn’t like yummy dessert treats. Im definitely going to Lulus for some vegan chocolates! I never even knew they existed! Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

  16. Mags
    Mags says:

    So many delicious and sensual choices to valentines day! I love the Chocolates from the Truffle Shop, Ice cream from Treats, and coffee and tea from Fable, Carolines, the new City Council Cafe. Emily’s Cakes and catering has amazing pastries. I look forward to exploring more of the recommendations here all year long!

  17. Vickie
    Vickie says:

    I shopped downtown today and had the best time. It was a snow day and everyone must have stayed inside.
    The storefronts were dripping with sparkling drops of melting snow. There are a lot of great options for Valentine’s day in our local shops. Love my towns!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Didn’t you win the cupcakes last year? I was trying remember…. but yes, lots of great options and thank you for supporting the local merchants.

  18. Kelly O'Neil
    Kelly O'Neil says:

    Another great post..all I want is sweets now! Thank you for always filling me with ideas for special occasions. I love celebrating with the help of all of Nevada City’s unique and talented vendors!

  19. Maisie G
    Maisie G says:

    Wow, so many fun treats to win! Valentine’s day, not usually my most important holiday, but always sweet none the less. I love it when folks get their loved ones a flowers CSA (from for Valentine’s day – I can’t think of a more romantic gift!! 😉

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks, there are so many more that I didn’t have a chance to include, you’re always welcome to give your own shout out.

  20. Erin Melugin Davis
    Erin Melugin Davis says:

    So many great ideas! I love that we have the opportunity to make Valentine’s Day, and every day, special with all the unique, creative options our towns have to offer.

  21. Tina Husa
    Tina Husa says:

    A fun list of prizes and great information as usual. Lazy dog is our favorite but anything that involves food always has our heart ❣️

  22. Micque
    Micque says:

    I’m leaving a post on behalf of all the incredible volunteers of Nevada County Pets in Need Thrift Shop. I saw the cupcake portion of this giveaway and immediately thought of what a delightful treat that would be to honor all of the heart & soul these women put into caring for our fur families ❤

    • erin
      erin says:

      I’m confident if you won and were able to go deliver some sweet treats that you would be their new favorite person! Thanks for thinking of others.

  23. Alice
    Alice says:

    Erin, your photos are amazing! Loved all of them. I am so impressed by all of the Grass Valley and Nevada City businesses that support this blog.

  24. Jeannie Nyberg
    Jeannie Nyberg says:

    We are so lucky to have all these great places to visit and shop in Nevada County for Alentines Day. Will be in Nevada City on Weds to do my Valentine shopping. Think I will start off with buying myself a Caroline’s Coffee

  25. Renee Herrenkohl
    Renee Herrenkohl says:

    So many great shops participating in this special occasion! There are a few that I haven’t heard of before and see myself venturing to support them soon. Thank you Erin for exploring our towns and always showing us what local people bring to our community. #supportlocal

  26. Beverly Powell
    Beverly Powell says:

    Erin, I am a fan of all your postings on FB of the Outside Inn and The Inn Town Campground! Your photos are wonderful of our town, beautiful outdoor scenery, happenings and other events! I am happy to say that I stayed many times at the Outside Inn before I came found my home here in Grass Valley! Thanks, Beverly

  27. Georgette A
    Georgette A says:

    I am not much a valentine celebrating gal, however, it is hard not to get excited by all your wonderful ideas and giveaways Erin!

  28. Donna loper
    Donna loper says:

    I love that trailer I would be a great home base to enjoy the valentines night after exploring both Grass Valley and Nevada City. You guys rock

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