The Magickal Florist Classic Valentine's Day Roses

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we’ve got some great local ideas and a fabulous giveaway for one lucky individual.  Karin, at The Magickal Florist has offered up one dozen red roses, the Valentine’s Day Classic Bouquet, to one lucky commenter (read terms and conditions below).

Local Nevada City Valentine's Day gift ideas, The Chocolate Shoppe, Neva CO

What does your sweetie want?  Chocolate covered strawberries from The Chocolate Shoppe?  Neva Co Artisan Boutique has a great range of locally made handmade goodies, perhaps pick up some Sierra Sweets Chunky Toffee,  handmade “Flying Heart” felted broach or wooden “my valentine” plaque.

Nevada City Chocolate, Vegan Truffles at Treats

Not that one needs Valentine’s Day as an excuse to eat chocolate, but if you were looking for a little help justifying some truffles, stop by The Truffle Shop.  The special heart shaped box of a dozen DeGroot mini truffles is sure to be well received.  If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, stop by Treats and check out their truffles (or ice cream, but it’s a bit harder to wrap up a delicious bowl of salted carmel gelato).

Kitkitdizzi, Abstrakt, Maiden Lane, Nevada City Shops

Downtown Nevada City has so many gift ideas, photos above including Valentine’s Day ideas from Maiden Lane, Kitkitdizzi, Abstrakt and La Cache Jewelry.  So whether your sweetie wants a Brighton pen, Organic Cotton tote, Hobnail Candle or a piece of jewelry, Nevada City has something for everyone.

Nevada City shops: The Chocolate Shoppe, JJ Jacksons, Gray Goose

J.J. Jackson’s has an entire wall dedicated to Valentine’s Day cards, although I’m rather fond of the heart rocks.  Maybe you’re looking for something a bit more fun, check out The Chocolate Shoppe candy treats.

Bel Capelli Salon Nevada City

And if you think your Valentine would rather have a little pampering, send him or her down to Bel Capelli Salon and Spa.

Nevada City local Greeting card, wine filled chocolate and wine label with coupon

 I decided to add to the giveaway and in addition to the flowers I’ve got box of Indian Springs Wines infused chocolates, a homemade card by Erin and a special Valentine’s Day wine label and coupon for 15% off a bottle of wine from Indian Springs Wines*.  Please post a comment on this blog post about your favorite Valentine’s Day treat, is it a card, chocolate, flowers or something else?  I will draw the winner on Tuesday, February 12th.  If you don’t have a sweetie to give the roses to, Karin and I both think that you can always give the roses to yourself, just remember they must be picked up on or before Valentine’s Day.

© 2013 InnSide Nevada City, **Bouquet from Magickal Florist must be picked up in Nevada City on or before Valentine’s Day.  Wine not included with wine label.

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  1. Trevor Werttemberger
    Trevor Werttemberger says:

    Not being much of a cook myself, let alone a confectioner, I set out a few years ago to make a fabulous Valentines dinner – lobster, filet and grilled veggies (I even used hair dye to cover some of the gray). The dinner was a success, but I have to say my favorite part was the homemade truffles. I had never had nor made them before that and now I can’t get enough of them. So I have to say truffles are my favorite Valentines Day treat.

  2. Kayle Martin
    Kayle Martin says:

    If you know me, then you know that I LOVE cards…paper…mail…well, all of the above! Though I don’t have a sweetie to spend Valentine’s Day with, I enjoy sending out Valentine’s (and on occasion I will receive a few myself!).

    And who doesn’t love flowers? I can pretend someone special gave them to me, right?

    Though I limit my intake of sweets, I do enjoy some delish vegan ice ‘cream’ from Treats every now and again!

    I am visualizing a perfect upcoming Valentine’s Day already! Can you tell? 🙂

    • erin
      erin says:

      You don’t need to pretend someone special gave them to you, the Outside Inn is special and if you win them then we gave them to you (with the help of Karin at the Magickal Florist). Glad to hear you’re visualizing a perfect day 🙂 Power of positive thinking, right?

  3. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I love DeGroot’s truffles! Of course, just about anything DeGroot would be a perfect Valentine’s treat.

  4. Katrina Schneider
    Katrina Schneider says:

    Although chocolate is dear, as well as flowers, and I LOVE them – my frugality these days makes it hard to give me something w/o my being concerned about the expense.

    That said — it is the authentic gift of support that means so much to me these days. I recall giving my mom and dad a coupon book one year full of “good for a back rub” “I will clean my room without you asking all week” “i will sweep the patio” …

    so my dream coupon book: “foot massage by a warm fire” “movie night company – movie of your choice” “chicken coop cleaning” and how about “a chore of your choosing.”

    : )

    • erin
      erin says:

      You’ve got me on the Chicken Coop Cleaning, we’ll have to pass that on to your sweet Valentine’s, but here’s to perhaps celebrating with some traditional flowers and chocolate.

  5. Katie White
    Katie White says:

    I think my favorite thing to get for Valentines Day is a meaningful card… not with words written in by the card company, but hand-written, that are heart-felt. I saved a few of them from the past, and they are so nice to go back and read… even years after recieving!

  6. Liza
    Liza says:

    I like getting crafty and busting out some old fashoned construction paper hearts. What a mess-too much fun!

  7. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Great post to highlight some of Nevada City’s Valentine offerings! I go for the chocolates myself as a Valentine treat…. dark chocolate especially!

  8. Celine
    Celine says:

    All I want for valentines day is a dinner date with my husband. Not very original, I know, but with two young ones wrapped around our legs at all times…it sounds just about perfect. Im sure we will end up at New Moon since that is where we always end up. I wouldn’t send away a dozen roses though:) Thank you Erin for keeping up such an awesome blog about our most awesome community!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Celine, great to run into you last night, good luck with the party planning… Roses would be a nice touch… and you really can’t go wrong with “ending up” at New Moon.

  9. Marci Ann
    Marci Ann says:

    I always love to get anything that sparkles.. but some fine chocolates never hurt my feelings. Even better would be a romantic getaway at the Outside Inn.

  10. Kathryn B?swell
    Kathryn B?swell says:

    My favorite Valentines Day treat is spending the day with my three boys…I love getting homemade Valentines from them ,that they have worked so hard on – excess glue, lots of layers of paper, markers, crayons and lots of love..usually the glue is still wet and sticks to the table when they set it down at the breakfast table. I love to make them “buckeyes” which is toast grilled with lots of butter with a heart hole cut out of it and an egg in the hole – start the day with love and the rest of the day will follow with love ?

  11. Kial
    Kial says:

    Another great giveaway, thank you. I would love to make this one extra special, as my wife and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage on this special day.

  12. Holly Fike
    Holly Fike says:

    I love all the Valentines that I have received from my husband and my children over the years–especially the sweet notes in the cards that they always make themselves. Our tradition is to stay home on Valentines Day, feed the kids an early meal, and then my wonderful husband makes me steak and lobster, usually served with a bottle of Opus One. Opulent and special. I do enjoy all the usual Valentines suspects too: chocolate, flowers and gifts. I think that I’m pretty spoiled, because I usually receive one of each, on top of the scrumptious meal!

  13. KathyD
    KathyD says:

    I’m all about a good foot rub – I don’t need much stuff! (although truffles are always good … ) I’m hoping hubby will make a fabulous meal for the family on Valentine’s day – I have to teach spinning that evening – so will I come home to a lovely dinner – hope so! 🙂

  14. Dana
    Dana says:

    All of your treats and treasures look amazing! For me, it’s champagne, roses, and our (almost) annual romantic getaway just across the lake from our home in Tahoe City…Hubby Bill and I try to make it to South Lake every Valentine’s Day for a ski weekend/mini vacation. It feels as though we’re a world away from home, but we are truly just on the other side of our incredibly beautiful jewel…truly a gift in itself. Cheers!

  15. Kathy Wronski
    Kathy Wronski says:

    Having grown up in the flower business, dad, grandma, my aunt and myself( for awhile) were all florist. So I must stay loyal and agree Flowers are wonderful this time of year. But I always believe one rose is as good as a dozen and purple roses even better! My parents always gave me an old fashioned nosegay of violets when I was young with one pink sweetheart rose in the middle. I am smiling now thinking of those days:)

  16. deborah gail
    deborah gail says:

    It has to involve chocolate in some shape or form lol! And flowers always bring a burst of romance. Sometimes we go somewhere fancy and sometimes we stay home, order pizza and watch a romantic movie. As long as my hubby and I are together, it’s all good.
    I’m not a wine drinker, but winning a card that Erin created would be totally cool 🙂

  17. Karen
    Karen says:

    A beautiful papaya card from JJ ‘s is on its way to my daughter in Spain, some chocolate for my husband, wine and flowers would be perfect for me!

  18. Roseanne Burke
    Roseanne Burke says:

    Be sure to stop by the “Art of Love” show at ASiF Studios in Grass Valley. The opening reception is Friday, February 8th, from 5-8pm, with poetry, chocolates, wine, fire dancing, and lots of love-themed art. Several artists have decorated ceramic hearts in a variety of sizes – a perfect Valentine’s gift!

  19. meg franz
    meg franz says:

    Great post!! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3
    good food, good wine and/or champagne & the kids staying the night at grandmas! best gift EVER!

  20. Christine Lower
    Christine Lower says:

    Looking forward to checking out all the neat shops tomorrow!!! So excited to visit Nevada City for the first time.

  21. Georgette Aronow
    Georgette Aronow says:

    Erin, you did such a nice job highlighting all the beautiful gifts around town for Valentines day. My sweetie and I have never been ones to give gifts on this particular occassion, but rather have just chosen to spend time together (out to dinner) with out kids… But wouldn’t I just LOVE to take some pictures of those beautiful roses 🙂

  22. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    My favorite Valentines have been coming in yearly since my little ones learned to draw. Nothing is better than a carefully drawn heart by a 4 year old with love blooming all over their face. Now that my children range in age from 4 months to 10 years, I get a wide range of Valentines. I love that we have a holiday that celebrates love!

  23. Jerri
    Jerri says:

    My absolute favorite Valentine’s Day Treat is spending time with people I care about. Friends. Husband. Family. I also love chocolate and flowers. Being born on Valentine’s Day, I am not a big fan of heart shaped cakes or pink and white balloons 🙂 Had plenty of them until I was old enough to say–“please Mom, no more!”

  24. Dena Nick
    Dena Nick says:

    After almost 30 years of marriage and six children later, I still find that the thing I most appreciate is a genuine compliment now and then. However, I certainly enjoy receiving flowers and chocolates too! With three children still at home, and the other three next door, the love I have for my family is so strong that I would even share a bit of it with them. The wine would be a great gift for my hubby!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Just under the gun, but hey sometimes we all need that final inning home run, right? Hope the beer and chocolate night went well at Matteo’s.

  25. Andrea McGovern
    Andrea McGovern says:

    I love your blog, Facebook page and everything you are doing for Nevada City. You’re the best!!!!!!

  26. jan
    jan says:

    My favorite Valentin’s gift is the “nuts and chews” from See’s candy…i Give a box to my daughter and her husband…they have been married for almost 2 years, met “late” in life. Their Love inspires me and all the people they know……I would share these gifts w/ them…….( i always wait around ’till they open their box of chocolates…Ha ha ha ha)
    Happy Blessed Valentine’s Day to all …..

  27. Marjorie
    Marjorie says:

    Thanks for the great ideas for Valentine’s Day, Erin. I’m usually a party-pooper for these holidays, but you’ve inspired me. And my sweetie really does deserve a treat….now to choose something just right….

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