Happy New Year!  I love our community and have put together a list of a few of the reasons why I love Nevada City.

Community: I love the small town vibe of our community, whether it’s people helping others in need, small town businesses supporting each other or the fact that if there’s a parade in town you’re bound to run into at least 20 people you know.  If you didn’t play along with the Outside Inn’s Epic Giveaway but want to see some of love, click here to see the bounty and read the comments.  I love the local scene at the Nevada City Farmers Market and First Friday Art Walks, and when you go to the grocery store you’re bound to bump into someone you know.  I loved the comment I recently got while in a local shop in town after I bumped into a number of people, “Is there anyone in town you don’t know?”  And one of my all time favorite community events was this summer’s Farm to Table dinner, click here to see how awesome our little town really is.

Outdoor Adventures Nevada City

Outdoor Adventures:  We really have the opportunity to get outside and play year round.  While we’re all currently doing the rain dance to help with the ski season (Sugar Bowl and Royal Gorge are just up the hill), in the mean time we can go for a hike along the South Yuba River (some of my favorite hike posts this year include Independence Trail, Point Defiance Loop, Buttermilk Bend, Deer Creek Tribute Trail, South Yuba Trail).  Or take the little ones biking to Hirschman Pond, go on a cycle tour of California or do a tour to Downieville.  Don’t forget about the fun swimming holes, lakes and SUP adventures in the summer.  So regardless if you’re training for the annual BSM triathlon, the annual Nevada City Classic or just enjoying a quiet walk in the fall colors, there are plenty of outdoor adventures just outside your door year round.

History.  I love that we live in a community rich with history.  If you have a chance take the downtown Nevada City walking tour and check out the points of historical interest throughout town, visit Empire Mine Historical Park or check out the Firehouse No. 1 Museum (closed in the winter).

Natural Beauty. Obviously I like taking photos, but who can resist a dusting of snow, rock art at the South Yuba River, fall colors or spring flowers?

Nevada City Arts and Events

Arts: There are so many opportunities to support the arts in Nevada County.  Whether you want to hear live music (Music in the Mountains, Nevada County Concert Band, Bear Yuba Land Trust Annual Concert, Greg Brown), or experience a performance (Nutcracker, AXIS Dance Troop, Synthetic Unlimited, Sierra Stages Avenue Q and A Midsummer Night’s Dream).  With so many art events it’s hard to remember you’re in a small town (Nevada City Craft Fair, Sierra Festival of the Arts, Wild & Scenic Art Exhibition, First Friday Art Walks, Community Canvas, ASiF).  Kudos to those at Nevada County Arts, The Center for the Arts, Miners Foundry, InConcert Sierra and more for continually bringing new and exciting arts to our community.

Family.  You’re all a part of my little family, even those blog lurkers who never say a peep.  But I love that my children have the opportunity to grow up in this small town and interact with different generations of our family.  And yes I know that they go to Treats with their grandmother on a regular basis and no one tells me.

Outside Inn Free Veggie Cart. I know I’ve said this before, but I love the free veggie cart.  It also makes me happy to report that our little town is setting an example to others, the cart has been featured on Growing a Greener World, Bombay Outdoors, Food is Free Project and  numerous Tumblr posts.

Nevada County Events

Events.   While I have no intention of making it to every single event in town (click here for my weekly events board), some of the highlights from last year include Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Mardi Gras Parade, Storybook Parade, 4th of July Parade, First Friday Art WalksUncorked, Nevada City Film Festival, Nevada County Fair, Summer NightsDraft Horse ClassicCeltic FestivalHalloween Parade, Soapbox Derby and Victorian Christmas.

Think Local. There are so many examples of how our town can be small, but think big.  So whether you’re supporting your local farmers through a CSA or U Pick Veggies, or shopping at one of local shops.  Perhaps your way to think local is to drink Nevada County made wine (Lucchesi Vineyards, Smith Vineyards, Sierra Starr Vineyards, Nevada City Winery) or beer?  So, regardless of how you think local, it’s always great to give business to your neighbors and friends.

Outside Inn. I’m proud of the Outside Inn.  I’m honored to be a part of Nevada City and to be an ambassador for our community through the Inn’s blog.  I love our repeat guests who come back year after year, I appreciate the locals who send their friends and family to stay with us and I’m honored to be able support various local organizations and events.

And if you’ve made it this far in the blog post the winner of the Neva Co Artisan Boutique giveaway is Ingrid Knox.

© 2014 InnSide Nevada City, photos by Erin Thiem with additional photos by Evans Phelps, Val Camp and Kurtis Ostrom

25 replies
  1. Evans
    Evans says:

    Thanks Erin for all the work you do to promote our wonderful little town. Your blog is a treat and we
    are lucky to have you. Evans

  2. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    That’s it…..I’m moving! Loved this post. Perfect timing as my family and I are coming to check out Nevada City in February. Yes, we’re staying at the Outside Inn! Too excited.
    Happy New Year and thanks for all your posts!

  3. Peggy Wright
    Peggy Wright says:

    This blog post is amazing You are an inspiration to the rest of us and a treasure for our towns. This post will be hard to top but somehow I think you will do it and amaze us yet again.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Peggy 🙂 Someone suggested I support local ice cream and Wild & Scenic Film Festival artists, will that top this?

  4. Syd Brown
    Syd Brown says:

    Thanks, Erin, for your insightful and enticing posts. If I didn’t already live here, I’d probably have to move! Your coverage of our place in space helps to bring fresh appreciation to our every-day experience. Keep up your amazing work. Please! 🙂

  5. Denise Wilson
    Denise Wilson says:

    Good job on everything, Erin! I love your blog–you’re so upbeat and enthusiastic. It’s contagious! Have a wonderful 2014!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Contagious, I like the sound of that. Well once you send all your postcards, you’ll spread the cheer around the globe.

  6. bill hicks
    bill hicks says:

    Erin, great job have got some wonderful insight on local goodies, like the now long gone bread share

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