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Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Nevada City knows how to put on an awesome show.  This year’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival hosted over 100 films, ranging in topics from climate activism, epic travel adventures and entertaining environmental documentaries.  The vibe in Nevada City on this glorious January weekend was electric.  Greenpeace activists stood proud on the street corners next to the guitar singing local, while people walked the streets with their festival badges with a look of purpose.  Everywhere around town the talk on the street was about movies and making a difference for the next generation.  Filmmakers passed out postcards to send to President Obama to help save the salmon.  Nevada City became a hub of environmentally motivated individuals.

Rick Ridgeway, VP of Environment at Patagonia, one of the festival’s main sponsors summed it up well when he said the Wild & Scenic Festival “is the best small town festival in America that we know about, and we travel to a lot of festivals.”  He beamed about the “wonderful community, hospitality” and thought the “films were fantastic.”

While we hang up this year’s festival pass, we’re excited to be a part of SYRCL’s Wild & Scenic Festival and look forward to next year’s event.

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