Yuba River Clean Up

Kial James Photography/Nevada City Scenics, South Yuba Photos

Mark you calendar’s for this Saturday’s, September 16th, Yuba River Clean Up, an event to help clean up the South Yuba River, plus 80 miles of Bear and Yuba watershed shoreline.  This year marks the 20th year the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) has worked together with the community to help keep our rivers safe and healthy.  Sign ups are closing soon, so if you want to be a part of this unique event, click here.  “Last year, 850 volunteer participated and help remove more than 10,000 pounds of garbage and recycling from the Yuba and Bear River watersheds,”explained Jenn Tamo, Community Engagement Manager.  “There are clean ups on dozens of sites across the region, from Donner Summit to the Lower Yuba.  This Saturday hundreds of volunteers will embark on a watershed-wide hunt to rid the river of everything from micro-garbage like cigarette butts, bottle caps, shards of glass, and dog waste, to large and outlandish items such as washers, trailers and cars.  For 20 years, SYRCL has been uniting the community to clean the Yuba. It’s incredible to see how the community has grown. Keeping the river clean, safe and healthy requires all us who love the Yuba to be active stewards.  The Yuba has received a lot of love this summer and it’s time to give back.”

 In addition to all the volunteers, click here to check out the impressive list of community partners and public agencies.

If you don’t already know about the SYRCL River Ambassador program, click here to learn how you can become a part of the team of volunteers who help educate locals and visitors about keeping the river clean.  The South Yuba River is one of the great assets in our community, so let’s all do our part to preserve, protect and enjoy the river.

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Special thanks to photographer Kial James for sharing some of his favorite South Yuba River photos, click here for more.
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  1. Amanda Murray
    Amanda Murray says:

    The South Yuba River is one my favorite places to go while visiting Nevada City. Thanks to all who have helped keep the Yuba clean for us who live close and afar. Northridge Pizza definitely completes our busy day of play.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Wait, what about staying in a glamping tent at the Inn Town Campground, local wine and an ice cream from Treats? Oh wait, the SUP adventure with you guys was fun too. Guess you’ll have to come back and visit again.

      • Amanda Murray
        Amanda Murray says:

        Erin, I could go on and on about our wonderful adventures in Nevada City! I could spend every summer there 🙂 Its a magical place!

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