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Fall Colors in Nevada City


October is the month of beautiful fall colors in Nevada City. Every autumn, many trees in town turn bright orange, yellow and red. One of the favorite things to do at the Outside Inn is to  go on a fall colors walk throughout town to see how different trees are changing colors. The trees and colors really become vibrant towards the end of the month and Halloween, but are really nice throughout the month.

We found some old pictures of town taken last year and hope to post more throughout the month. We’d love for others to share pictures they’ve taken too and hope to post more. Also, if you haven’t been to Nevada City, October is a great month. The weather is still very pleasant and the town has quieted down a bit from the hectic summer months.

As we get to the end of September, the colors of the trees are just hinting at things to come and we can tell that it’s going to be really beautiful next month.


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  1. Sheila Cameron
    Sheila Cameron says:

    I shared this post in my blog today. I love all the work you do to promote the area. Growing up in Ohio but moving here from Los Angeles, I know how strong the pull of a beautiful Fall can be.

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