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Melissa Arnot, The Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts Everest Climber talk by Melissa Arnot The Center for the Arts brought Melissa Arnot to town last night and a packed house came to hear her speak.  Melissa is the world record holder for the most Mount Everest summits by a woman.  Many thanks Melissa for sharing your down to earth attitude on such amazing achievements.  The Center for the Arts executive director Julie Baker summed it up well when she wrote, “You’ve been to places most of us will never see, you’ve experienced things way beyond what is ordinary and we thank you for so eloquently and assuredly sharing your stories of what there is to be learned from pursuing your dreams.”  We don’t all have to climb to the world’s highest mountain, but if you follow Melissa’s advice we can live every day to its fullest and chase our dreams.  For more information about Melissa’s adventures check out her website, click here to listen to a recent interview on NPR, or  check out this clip from Whittaker Mountaineering.  Many thanks for Elisa Parker from See Jane Do for a great interview and Mountain Recreation and the Outside Inn for being sponsors of the event.  So, what mountain are you going to climb next?  How did the talk inspire you?  And if you missed our winter specials, there’s a great opportunity for savings on an upcoming weekday show at The Center for the Arts and a discount at the Outside Inn, click here for more details.The Center for the Arts talk with Melissa Arnot

The Center for the Arts Event photos© 2014 InnSide Nevada City, © Photos by John Taber and Erin Thiem

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