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Fixing the Future, Think Local First film screening

Think Local First has teamed up with the Nevada Theatre to bring Nevada City a screening of the film Fixing the Future  A nationwide screening is taking place this month and we’re lucky enough to host the event on Sunday, July 22nd at 7:30pm.  Following the film screening there will be a pre-recorded panel discussion by Bill McKibbenMajora CarterMike Brady and David Brancaccio and then a live panel discussion by local western Nevada County businesses and experts.  Heidi Bergman, Think Local’s First board member, stated in her press release, “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness about some ways we can strengthen our economy.  It’s a sharing of ideas and way to get people involved.  It’s down to earth, a real look into a do-it-yourself economy.” The Outside Inn’s blog InnSide Nevada City is excited to share we’ve put together two fun giveaways packages.

Nevada City Stroll, giveaway #1

  • Have a beer or glass of wine at Matteo’s Public ($20 gift certificate)
  • Grab an extra large pizza at Pete’s Pizza (coupon for one extra large pizza with 3 toppings)
  • Stroll over to Treats for a cool scoop of ice cream (coupon for $1 off ice cream cone)
  • See a movie (Fixing the Future- 2 tickets)

Movie Night, giveaway #2

  • Pre movie drink at Indian Springs Winery (coupon for a $2 glass of wine)
  • Movie tickets (Fixing the Future), popcorn and drinks for two

To enter the giveaway please post a comment on this blog post telling us why you’d like to attend the film screening.  I’ll draw the winners on Sunday, July 15th. The winner from last week’s post on Grass Valley Wine Company is JT Teerlink.

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  1. Laurie cErruti
    Laurie cErruti says:

    This is the perfect summer date night!
    A total taste of nevada city, with a visit a few of my most favorite spots!
    This is an amazing package!

  2. erika
    erika says:

    Was very inspired by Bill McKibben’s talk, I want to hear/do more! Love that this is a positive, can-do spin on some very scary, serious stuff.

  3. Cynthia Levesque
    Cynthia Levesque says:

    Looking forward to seeing this film as “thinking local first” is so important to small communities like Nevada County (and big cities too), for so many reasons. Shopping locally supports small businesses (mom and pops), helps keep your dollars circulating locally, saves you gas and money, and more. I love Nevada City and wish to keep our lovely community thriving!

  4. Cathy Theobald
    Cathy Theobald says:

    What a great idea! A National screening to inspire local community involvement. Thinking local first is imperative for us on so many different levels – local, national and global! One just has to drive down the hill and see the dense layer of smog that is covers the Sacramento Valley to be remided of this.

  5. Erin Humphrey
    Erin Humphrey says:

    It’s great to see these movies about activism and global-improvement being made and dispersed throughout the country. Movies are a great way to get something noticed and heard by the majority. I think looking at the small-scale picture, our own communities, is one of the best ways to better our world. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film!

  6. Florence Arafiles
    Florence Arafiles says:

    I’m excited to see this movie. I feel it would present an opportunity to find ways to improve our communities and grow awareness that there is possibility and hope!

  7. Kayle
    Kayle says:

    This giveaway says local and inspirational at the same time! Looking forward to learning, sharing and gaining great knowledge to share and spread to the future!

  8. Susan Rogers
    Susan Rogers says:

    Will attend to see how this film message can be translated into local messages that could be produced to run on NCTV, so they can reach a larger audience and so we’re not always “preaching to the choir.”

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