2015-01-29_0001One of the fun things about living in a small town is something like the annual Nevada City Cub Scout Pack 23 Pinewood Derby.  This year’s event included almost 60 cars, some racing for speed, others in the art category.  I loved seeing the enthusiasm on the kids’ faces as they watch the cars they’ve created from a block of wood race down the track.  Thank you to the Lions Club for their continued support for the pack, this year they sponsored 3 Best of Shows and 12 design awards.  In addition the boys with the top speeds also took home a trophy.

Jake Lawson
Braden McAlister
Christian Smith
Brian Forkner
Griffen Dresbach-Hill

Best in show:
Robert Maple
Ibe Shelton
Kaden Neketin

Congrats to all the Cub Scouts and their families who participated in this week’s Pinewood Derby.  If you’re not a Cub Scout and want to join the races, check out the annual Nevada City Soapbox Derby, signs up are happening right now for the June 13th event. Click here for more information.  Look for some soapbox derby cars at the upcoming Mardi Gras parade on Sunday, February 15th.  There’s always something happening in this little town, feel free to share a comment with your favorite small town event or organization.

Pinewood Derby, photos by Erin Thiem/ Outside Inn

© 2015 InnSide Nevada City, © Photos by Erin Thiem

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  1. Todd Lawson
    Todd Lawson says:

    Thanks for the writeup, Erin! We had a great time. The Pinewood Derby is one of the most fun nights of the year. We had great parent participation, and the variety of cars was incredible. Congratulations to all of the scouts!

  2. Rich Bodine
    Rich Bodine says:

    Pinewood Derby is one of the great events that the Cub Scout program provides, and although the races themselves are fun and exciting…the true reward is the time spent, focused on a common goal with your son during “build” process. For me, that was always incredibly rewarding! Thanks for the write-up, and the shameless plug for the Nevada City Adult Soapbox Derby as well!

  3. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    I’ve never attended the Derby, but I love the idea of these boys making cars and then racing them. It’s good to practice building things and then seeing if they work!

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