South Yuba River

Happy August.  If you haven’t been for a dip in the South Yuba River, it’s time to motivate.  At the Outside Inn and Inn Town Campground I am constantly getting asked, “Is there any water?  Can we go swimming?”  The answer is yes.  The other question is “What’s your favorite swimming hole?”  I don’t have a favorite and explain to visitors and guests that we recommend a choose your own adventure, you pick the access point (Bridgeport, 49 Crossing, Purdons Crossing, Edwards Crossing, Washington) and then figure out where to go from there.  Not all river spots are easy access, so please see my blog post about Lemke’s Lagoon. Regardless if you’re going to Mountain Dog Swimming Hole, 49 Crossing, Bridgeport, Washington, there’s no bad place to go.  And if you haven’t heard about the Yuba Bus, there’s still time to catch a ride to 49 Crossing (Thursday-Sunday now through September 23rd) and make your life easier and not worry about trying to find a parking spot.

The Outside Inn always encourages visitors to our beautiful California State Park to treat the river with respect pack out all garbage and if you want to give back, check out the SYRCL River Ambassador program and the annual South Yuba River Clean Up program.  The Cleanup spans more than 80 miles of creek and river shoreline and since 1998, thousands of volunteers have removed 200,000 pounds of trash and recycling.  Save the date for Saturday, September 15th if you want to participate.

What’s your favorite part about the river?  And since many of you know that I love giveaways post a comment on this blog post for your chance to win a pair of tickets to ride the Yuba Bus on a weekend (valid Saturday/Sunday through September 23rd).  *Edited to say the winner is Debbie Campbell.

© 2018 InnSide Nevada City, photos by Erin Thiem

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  1. Debbie Campbell
    Debbie Campbell says:

    This is the perfect time of year for visiting just about any part of the river. The water is warmer and calmer. We love finding a spot that’s deep enough for us adults to take a nice dip, but also has calm and shallow spots for the littles to enjoy this beautiful resource as well.

  2. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Thanks for the great pics of the Yuba. We haven’t been there to actually swim for a while, so it’s a great reminder. I love going in the morning on a weekday or late afternoon when there aren’t as many people.

  3. Gayle Sheeks
    Gayle Sheeks says:

    Gorgeous photos Erin, as usual! You always do such a stellar job! Any part of the Yuba where I can put in my feet to splash and cool off is a favorite place! It is such a beautiful river! xoxoxo

  4. Laurel Gavin
    Laurel Gavin says:

    I love this blog, the photos and descriptions, because I LOVE the “River”. It is the ONLY river that counts in my life right now, and I can’t believe I haven’t taken a hike along one of the trails all year — and I live here! It’s not going to happen again. I may go to the Yuba with my small family tomorrow, even if it’s raining. Thanks for the photos and great words.

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