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Loma Rica Bangor Loop Ride

Cycling Nevada County photosLots of sunny days in Nevada City this month, what to do when the skiing up the hill isn’t calling your name?  Hop on your bike!  “This lack of winter is a worry for all of us, but I have to say it is a boon for cycling.  We drove 20 minutes from Nevada City this morning to ride this bucolic 32 mile loop I call the Bangor Loma Rica Loop.  It ambles up and down country roads where  they filmed those happy California cow commercials.  Except this January it is just shades of brown.  We still climbed 2500 feet through out the day, the scenery was lovely, and the roads were quiet.  I cannot ask more of a day well spent outside,” said Evans Phelps.   Many thanks for sporting your awesome Outside Inn bike jerseys, we’re always fans of people sharing the love for the Outside Inn, either a mug, a bike jersey or t-shirt.  Feel free to post a link on the blog post if you’ve shared the love, or post it to the Outside Inn’s Facebook page.  Cycling not your sport of choice, I’ve got some more outdoor activities coming to the blog later this week, perhaps that’ll encourage Mother Nature to shower us with rain?Cycling Northern California photos© 2014 InnSide Nevada City, © Photos by Evans Phelps and Dieter King

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