Grass Valley Games, Lenkaland Photography

Have you been into the new game store in downtown Grass Valley?  Grass Valley Games opened this spring and offers a selection of board games, comic books, mini war games, role-playing games, collectible and living card games and more.  “We carry a large variety of new board games,” explained owner Zak Lewis.  He welcomes you to come into the shop and sit down and play games and is very committed to a community of positive gaming.  Watch the Facebook page for events and tournaments, including Eternal Masters Booster Draft and Friday Night Standard Magic Tournament.  Open 7 days a week and open till 9pm on Fridays & Saturdays at 124 Mill Street, Grass Valley.  Grass Valley Games is offering a copy of the board game Splendor to one lucky InnSide Nevada City blog reader, post a comment on this post, winner will be announced Sunday, June 19th, must be collected in person.  Many thanks to the additional photos for this post from Lenkaland Photography.

Grass Valley Games, Lenkaland Photography/ Erin Thiem

Grass Valley Games, Lenkaland Photography

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  1. fherwattFrank Herwatt
    fherwattFrank Herwatt says:

    Visited the GV games store yesterday. It seem really interesting and a challenge with these games. Watched them play several different games and wow, especially since the only challenging board we had as a young person was chess.

    • erin
      erin says:

      So if you win, does that mean you’re using it as a tutoring tool with some game loving young people that we both know?

  2. Alice Blandy
    Alice Blandy says:

    I use to go to the Game Store In Berkeley, glad to know there is one in Grass Valley now.

  3. Vicki Stremel
    Vicki Stremel says:

    That is wonderful. We give each of our children’s families a different game twice a year (their collective birthdays and Christmas). Game nights are bonding nights.

  4. Josh Freidenfelt
    Josh Freidenfelt says:

    I go in weekly for comics. So happy not to have to drive to Roseville. Never tried tabletop hey if I win I’ll give it a shot.

  5. Kate Strolle
    Kate Strolle says:

    This place is so awesome! My 11 year old son has been playing Magic there on a regular basis. What a great community!!

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