Nevada City Grass Valley Giveaway Basket

Are you ready for the Epic Outside Inn blog giveaway worth over a $1000?  Last year I had an Ultimate Nevada City giveaway (read the comments if you need a reminder why Nevada City is a great place), and this year my end of the year blog giveaway extravaganza sort of took on a life of its own, yet another reason why I love our community.  This prize is just one way I can stop and thanks to each and every one of you.  One lucky person is going to win this entire basket full of prizes, scroll down for the complete list.  What do you have to do to win?  Post a comment on this blog post and tell me what you love about the Outside Inn’s InnSide Nevada City blog?  Do you have a favorite post?  Do you have a favorite photo?  Do you have a favorite local event?  Feel free to post a link in the comments with your thoughts, you can always search through the blog with the search box on the right hand side.  The winner will be announced on Christmas.  Want a chance to throw your name in the hat for a second chance?  Scroll the bottom of the post for details on how sharing the love will allow you to enter twice.Smith Vineyards and Nevada City WineryEpic Giveaway for the active Nevada City

Nevada City Grass Valley Shopping

Nevada City Art giveaway

Dining out in Nevada City giveaway

Coffee and Hot Chocolate giveaway

InnSide Nevada City Blog Giveaway

One free night at the Outside Inn, $114.40

Nevada City Winery 2011 Merlot, $19

Smith Vineyard Primitivo, $24

South Yuba Club one month Personal Training Membership*, $239

Mountain Recreation Camelbak water bottle and $15 gift certificate, $30

Bear Yuba Land Trust Trek Voucher, $12

Enid and Edgar Vintage gift certificate, $25

Yuba Blue gift certificate, $10

J.J.Jackson’s Gift Card, $20

Neva Co Artisan Boutique magnet, soap and candle, $30

Judi’s of Nevada City gift certificate, $25

Kitkitdizzi gift certificate, $20

Gray Goose Gift Certificate, $25

Rosanne Burke Nevada City Greeting Cards, $28

Outside Inn Nevada City Postcards, $10

Free class with Community Canvas, plus mini easel and cavas, $50

Free Ruth Chase Fine Art class, $30

Gift certificate to The Artist Workshop, $10

Pint of ice cream from Treats, $10

Matteo’s gift certificate, $25

Farm to Table Catering boxed lunch, $25

Cello Chocolate, $8

Free meal and latte at Nevada City Eats, $10

South Pine Cafe/Pine Street Burgers gift certificate, $30

New Rome Breads 1/2 share gift certificate, $16

Outside Inn coffee mug, $7

Fable Coffee, $8

CaCoCo superfood drinking chocolate, $20

Carolines Coffee Roasters Holiday Coffee, $13.99

Olive Vitality 4 60ml Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, $24.95

SandBags coffee holders, $16

LivingWild Manzanita Sugar, $6.99

2 sets Stack’d cloth napkins, $36

Prettywell Feed, $30

Wild & Scenic Film Festival stainless steal cup, $8

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply steel caddy, $22.99

Want an extra chance to win?  Like the Outside Inn’s Facebook page and share this giveaway with your friends (via whatever social media choice you want: FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram) and then post a second comment on here telling me that you’ve shared the love).  Or if you’re shy and you don’t want share, sign up for my email feed (box on the right hand column). If you have any issues with posting a comment, please see our FAQ.

*SYC gift certificate note valid for current Team Training members, must be redeemed by 3/31/14.  One entry per person, for an additional entry please see above.  Giveaway must be collected in person, winner must contact the Outside Inn by January 15th, only valid for persons age 21 and above.

© 2013 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Erin Thiem

391 replies
  1. Zoey
    Zoey says:

    I am always excited to read what you have given the time into exploring and writing about! I have learned and enjoyed so much about this town that I have grown up in from you (Erin) through your blog. The give-a-ways are always exciting too : ) Thank you for your beautiful pictures and time!

  2. Lenka
    Lenka says:

    What a fantastic collection of goodies! I always look forward to your posts- especially the photography! I retweeted the giveaway on Twitter and will share on Pinterest! :). Happy holidays!

  3. Cara
    Cara says:

    I just love the simple, beautiful approach you take in capturing the heart and soul of the community. Truly the best blog in the best town. Keep the wonderful photos and postings of our many events coming. Happy Holidays Erin!

  4. Cara
    Cara says:

    I love to follow the Outside Inn on Facebook. The pictures Erin posts make the town look so amazing! I’ve decided that I want to take my new husband there late winter/early spring next year as we spent our “honeymoon” as a “familymoon” and took his kids to Disney Land after the wedding. I want to get away for a long weekend just the two of us once the holidays are over and we’ve had a chance to recover from the festivities a bit. I can’t wait to check out all of the local shops and activities and I hope there are some interesting events in February/March that we can pop in for as well. It would be amazing to win the prize basket and have so many things that we’d just “have” to do!

    We joined the mailing list and I’ll be posting the link on my fb page as well.

    Happy Holidays!!

    • Dian Schaffhauser
      Dian Schaffhauser says:

      I don’t follow many people on Facebook, I don’t subscribe to The Union, I hardly ever pick up the NC Advocate, and I tend to fall asleep when my neighbors direct me to their Flickr accounts. So who else is going to show me photos from all of my local faves — the cub scout Pinewood Derby, the downtown Halloween celebration, the Nevada City Classic Bicycle Race, the monthly book sale, the Soap Box Derby, and the Scotts Flat paddleboard racing?! That’s why I love the Outside Inn-InnSide Nevada City blog. You cover the stuff I care about!

      • Erin
        Erin says:

        Have you seen my postcards? It’s sorta the same thing, I made postcards of my vision of our community (the free veggie box, Farm to Table dinner, Hirschman Pond, the river, etc). Halloween should be its own postcard… And yes, that list includes many of my favorites too…

  5. Heather Macdonald
    Heather Macdonald says:

    I love your photography composition. You make our historic areas look fresh and alive! I think the one you took from the film festival office was one of my favorites. Your art brings much joy and recognition to our area. Looking forward to your next subject.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thank you! We’ll have to let Jesse let me up from that view again, always a great viewing spot (that and the deck on the National Hotel).

  6. Sasha C.
    Sasha C. says:

    What’s not to love about the InnSide Nevada City blog?! I personally check it out to see what’s happening over the weekend, to read up on the latest and greatest local businesses, and of course to view the beautiful photos of our amazing community! Thanks, Outside Inn/Erin!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Sasha for your contribution to the basket, yummmmy bread. And we should have another working lunch date for more of your fabulous photos.

  7. Stu Chuang Matthews
    Stu Chuang Matthews says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway! My wife and I just moved to Nevada City this year, and I find your site to be a great way to learn about everything that is going in in this wonderful town. I think your photos are really attractive!

  8. Diane
    Diane says:

    My husband and I have been visiting Nevada City since we first began dating 13 years ago, and before that I used to visit just as often, includin every April for the Teddy Bear Show at the Miner’s Foundry (sad it’s not there any more!)
    Erin, I adore your photos and your way with words – we have learned of many, many more places to visit and things to do since I subscribed to your fabulous blog and “liked” Outside Inn on facebook. Too many favorites to pick just one, but especially loved your post about swimming holes – hoping to find that one next summer!
    Will post again after I share with my friends on facebook.
    Thank you for all you do, including your epic giveaways!
    Wishing you the happiest of holidays – praying for (light!) snow!
    Diane ~ in Sacramento

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Diane, glad you can’t pick just one, since I’ve done so many. I also love active FB peeps, always great to know my cheerleading squad is having fun.

  9. PatDDixon
    PatDDixon says:

    Erin, I just had to comment! Such a wonderful thing! I am grateful for what Outside Inn and you have done for all of my clients this year-blog posts, social sharing, giveaways! Thank you!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      I should get a list of all your clients, always love working with people who know how to play the sharing game. Did I tell you I’m teaching a blogging class in January at Sierra Commons, you should come.

  10. Melony
    Melony says:

    Erin, you rock! What I like best are your photos. Anytime I am looking for an outstanding photo image of our way cool town and environs I discover that the best images are yours. I’ve even been known to steal one or two – but giving you credit, of course!

    I love that you highlight what is best about our community, the varied and wonderful things that make this such a great place to live or visit.

  11. Kayle
    Kayle says:

    Holy horses! This truly IS the giveaway of all Nevada City giveaways! You’ve outdone yourself Outside Inn! Yeehaw!

    I have to stay that one of my favorite blog posts was the one about Mountain Bounty Farm. Not only was the adorable Outside Inn Veggie Cart featured (with yours truly!), but also all the vibrant pics of the locally organic produce! The NC Farmer’s Market and all of our local organic farmers and their produce are truly one of my favorite things about living here because it goes back to community and sharing. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Plus, who doesn’t love locally grown food that’s sustainable and delicious. Good luck to all the entries. This is an amazing giveaway (and it’s totally vegan friendly for folks like me). Here’s to a giddy uppin’ end of 2013 and new year in 2014!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Kayle, I love the veggie cart too…and to think that’s what makes the Outside Inn famous- other people’s free veggies 🙂 It’s all about sharing, I hear ya sister.

  12. rachel
    rachel says:

    Erin! I love that you constantly do my homework for me, finding new and fun things to do and see. You’re an NC treasure!

  13. Caitlin Poer Morris
    Caitlin Poer Morris says:

    I’m currently away from my lovely hometown at college up in Portland. This blog brings me bits of Nevada City and makes me nostalgic in the loveliest way. It’s the best comfort when I’m feeling homesick!

  14. Bonnie Morris Hicks
    Bonnie Morris Hicks says:

    Outside Inn is always the first place I recommend for visitors (since 1998-99?). This blog is fantastic as it covers for tourists as well as locals. Erin, your photography is so lovely and artistic it leaves us no choice but to take part of all the events and frequent all the shops, restaurants. It’s been fun to check through and find a location I haven’t been to in a while (sometimes years) and get that gentle reminder that I need to go/do! In fact, I just used the archives to find some info for a friend that will be visiting shortly and I didn’t have the right answer–Nevada County’s Wikipedia!

  15. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    Nevada City has become one of our favorite weekend getaway/ day trip locations. I was so happy when I found the blog because it makes me feel like I am visiting even when I am at home. The photography is stunning! I’m hoping to make a day trip next weekend for the craft fair! Thanks for sharing your love of Nevada City with the rest of us!

  16. Angelina Andes
    Angelina Andes says:

    What’s not to love about Nevada county? My husband and I are both natives but had moved out of state for almost 4 years. We started a family all the while our hearts telling us to move back. We finally got the chance last April and its like we never left. The photos in your blog capture Nevada City perfectly. A beautiful small town that I hope never changes. I am so proud to raise our son in such a place and be able to take him to all the places we went to as kids. Keep up the fantastic job of showing the world what a wonderful place we are lucky enough to call home.

  17. G McLarty
    G McLarty says:

    My favorite thing about the blog is the beautiful, vibrant photography! Nevada City looks so magical through the camera lens.

  18. SSteve
    SSteve says:

    I love the Outside Inn blog because it lets me show my out-of-town friends how wonderful it is here. You do such a better job of it than I ever could. And often you spotlight things I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks! Hope your friends come and visit and take part in our lovely little community. I’m also amazed by the things I discover too, there’s always something new.

  19. Wendy Taylor
    Wendy Taylor says:

    I am not real sure if I am doing this correct. I fell in love with Nevada City just a few years ago. I volunteer for a K-9 rescue group that is based in the S.F. bay area but our founder retired and moved up to Nevada City years ago. She has now established a relationship with rescue in Grass Valley as well as Nevada City with K-9 rescue. I found myself going up to Nevada City frequently to see a vet that works very well with our organization. I stayed at other places, trying different ones to see what fit me the best. When I discovered the Outside Inn my search was over. The place in full of charm. I grew up in the country and each of the rooms makes me feel as if I have gone back home. I think all the guests either feel that way or indulge in that simple, country, peaceful charm they never experienced growing up. I love all the rooms I have stayed in so far (i try to get a different room each time but they book up so fast). That said, I kind of wish that the Outside Inn had more rooms but I think they want to keep it small and personal for a reason. When you stay at the Outside Inn you are their extended family. Doing K-9 rescue and staying at the Outside Inn is also a plus. They are completely dog friendly. I love the little grass area for the dogs, the picnic table, BBQ’s set for you if you choose, and the lovely little pond. One day late summer I was there and it was such a delight to see 2 mature couples in their beach chairs, just sitting by the pond with their dogs, enjoying the sound of the water trickling down the rock formation and enjoying each others company. Simple. Relaxing. Children are also welcome. I have yet to see an unhappy child even though most of what to do for a child is to swim and enjoy nature. I brought my own son up one time. He is special needs and both my husband and I have a hard time reaching him or any interest. I felt Dad needed a break and I was going up for another rescue and decided to bring my son. He is 12 and I was staying for awhile but I was determined to make the best of it. We ended up having a wonderful time together. We walked downtown (another reason the Outside Inn is great. Walking distance from all the shops and dining). And it is a very pleasant walk. We were there during the summer months and we enjoyed picking all the great berries, tiny little yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, peppers. The “free” neighborhood veggie cart is just the cleverest and most giving idea. I had to watch my son with that though. The potatoes and squash! “Return it, we can’t eat that much”. It was the first time in years that I actually saw my son smile and be happy. He loves it up there. Even the gentleman working during the night was extremely patient with him. My son felt welcomed in a world that he feels he doesn’t belong. I can never thank you enough for that. But please do put him in his place if need be. haha. I love you all. You are wonderful people and work extremely hard to make everyone’s rooms so clean and welcoming (the little candies…nobody does that!). Always ready and willing to help wherever and whenever needed (i had an air/heat issue. come to figure out it was the son that touched a button), but you were right there for me and so very kind with the mistake my son had made. We are planning our first family get together in 3 years and are staying with you all. I am very much so looking forward to this. We have all rather started living our lives in our own different worlds and there is only 4 of us to begin with. Our daughter that is off at college doesn’t come home anymore as it is too hard for her to deal with her brother. My husband and I have struggled for the past 4 years just trying to manage to stay together. I am in probably too high of hopes here but my wish for Christmas is when we are there, we are able to join together as a family because we want to, accept each other for who they are, respect one another for that and become a team working together, supporting one another through the good times and the trying times. Wish me luck Outside Inn!

  20. Rosanne S.
    Rosanne S. says:

    I LOVE the blog I read of yours on facebook,have shared some of your photos and came to Outside Inn and bought postcards. And I’d love to win this basket.

  21. Laura Brown
    Laura Brown says:

    Wow! Erin Thiem, author and photographer for the Outside Inn InnSide blog is a tremendous asset to our community. She tirelessly promotes all the treasures of our town and I think it’s time we all come together and give this woman the thanks she deserves. The images she captures of this community are some of the best I’ve seen. She has an eye that can tell a story in one click. Thanks for all that you do for Bear Yuba Land Trust.

  22. Laurel Harkness
    Laurel Harkness says:

    E-R-I-N! We are doing a little cheer for you here (serious dance moves and everything). So we come down to Nevada City from Mt. Shasta every other week or so, and seriously you help us distill the most awesome offerings of Nevada City in one simple blog. No wasted time fluffing around on cryptic event calendars. You give it to us straight up! We come to Nevada City for the food, the music, the art, the culture, the environment, the trails, the love. Thank you and Outside Inn for giving a big heart to a town that I grew up in and still call “HOME”. I recommend the Outside Inn to all my peeps! Yay!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Laurel, been thinking of ways to plug your upcoming Backcountry Ski Film Festival… thinking cap still on. Cryptic event calendars, for a visual girl, I don’t think that’d work for me either.

  23. Debbie D'Ewart
    Debbie D'Ewart says:

    What I love about the blog? The fabulous pictures – each one is beautiful and so inviting. I love Nevada City and the Outside Inn. On my last visit, my girlfriend and I spent 4 nights in the Cottage quilting and sewing. How fun! Of course, we had time to hit all the great shops in town (including My Favorite Things/Glitter Girl) and Nevada City Winery. . Wish I was there right now.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Debbie, so fun to have you ladies come and hang out, and I’m sure your girlfriends would happily help you use up this basket of goodies if you won, perfect excuse to visit again.

  24. Laurel Harkness
    Laurel Harkness says:

    Shared on the Facebook page. Hoping that all the local folks in Mt. Shasta load up their mountain bikes and come south to stay at @Outside Inn and bike the amazing trails. This is the mecca of mtn biking.

  25. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    Your blog has been a wonderful resource to me as I moved here in September from the Monterey Peninsula and had zero local knowledge of what the Sierra Foothills offered. Thank you so much for all of your photos and descriptions of businesses and activities available here! My favorite connection and blog was your review of Elegant Salvage. I fell in love with Jerri’s space and all of the unique, interesting, affordable pieces she had in her space. I’ve furnished my home here with many items from Elegant Salvage and I love what I chose more each day! Oh and did I mention that the level of customer service is the best I have ever experienced. Jerri is definitely following her passion and it is reflected in everything she sells in Elegant Salvage!

  26. Jennifer Krage
    Jennifer Krage says:

    I love this blog because I miss my home oh so very much. Your pictures bring back memories of the places I love. Of having lunch at Carolines with my dad when we worked at his store on Saturdays. Of driving around with my mom in the fall just to ohh and ahh over the fall colors. So many memories there’s too many to list.

  27. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    I really love the photos – they help me see Nevada County in a different way. I also love to hear about things happening around town – especially when there are pictures after the fact. Thanks Erin for helping to capture and showcase this fabulous area!!

  28. Mela
    Mela says:

    My favorite part of the blog is the weekly events run down. Whenever I am puzzling on what to do I turn to you for inspiration…which in turn reminds me what a great community we live in. The visual aids (your great photos) help entice me out of the woods into the “big city”!

  29. Joan daugherty
    Joan daugherty says:

    I love your blog Erin… And no not just for the give aways but for what you have done for the community… And whenever I want to know what’s going on in nevada city I just look on your site..thank you Erin for all you’ve done!

  30. Mela
    Mela says:

    Ok I “shared” it on FB…even though it will dilute my chances of winning the great local gift basket! After all it is the “season” of sharing, so I made the sacrifice!

  31. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Wow, that’s certainly epic indeed! Here’s hoping I’ve got some good luck! Sharing on FB as well…

  32. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    I dig looking through the list of folks that have donated to this and realizing that I personally get to experience the sweetness and selflessness of who they are! This place is exceptional – I have the great fortune of living and working downtown, and y’all rock! Big <3 Nevada City folk! Thanks for sharing, Erin!

  33. Mags Mattews
    Mags Mattews says:

    I love the Outside Inn and blog. The first time I came through town I stayed here and the next time I came to town, it was to figure out how to move here. The folks at the Inn are so helpful. I love the vivid photos and friendly writing on this blog. I’m always inspired to go out and do more!

  34. Sydney Moon
    Sydney Moon says:

    What an awesome giveaway Erin! Someone will be so lucky to win (I hope it’s me though!) it’s so great to see the generosity throughout our community.

  35. Cindy Azbill
    Cindy Azbill says:

    Your blog captures the very heart and soul of our amazing town. I have proudly shared your photos of the cart in front of the Inn with friends around the world. I have shared the blogs of our parades, street fairs and Halloween to inspire others to laugh and dance. I admit I have shown many photos to entice family and friends to come visit (and make a few a tiny bit jealous).

    It is hard to convey just what is the magic of Nevada City with photos or words but you do one amazing job of it! Thank you!!

  36. Lore Ross
    Lore Ross says:

    Erin, I just love your blog! I love your photographs and how you capture each moment with such grace and beauty. My recent favorite photos have been the Fall Colors, Halloween and the past two Art Walks. It is always so much fun to read your blog to see what is happening in town and to share it with my friends.
    Thank you for bringing so much heart and appreciation of our community and sharing it with so many in the world beyond this one!

  37. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    Recently discovered your Facebook page and blog. I love all of it. You do a great job in highlighting the BEST that Nevada City and Nevada County has to offer.

    Activities and events I enjoy in Nevada City are the Mardi Gras Parada, Victorian Christmas, urban hiking and shopping all around Nevada City, hiking all around the South Yuba River, the wild flower bloom and when Ananada Village opens their gardens to the public in April to bless us with their incredible tulip display.

    What I enjoy most about Nevada City is the incredible people who live in your fabulous town. Always warm and welcoming. Always working hard, supporting the community in which you live, such as advocating saving and preserving open spaces, live theater, your rich Gold Country history, for just a few examples.

    I really enjoy hiking with Nevada County Walkers. A wonderful group of folks who look out for each other and making sure activities are fun for all.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the Epic Giveaway, showcasing the generosity of your fabulous small, local business! I have shared your Epic Giveaway on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Wishing everyone Good Luck and a Happy Holiday Season!

  38. Deanna Ronningen
    Deanna Ronningen says:

    I love this blog! I live in Penn Valley, spend time in Grass Valley and work in Nevada City. I drive by The Outside Inn on a daily basis and have always thought it was cute and cool how they have the sharing garden cart out front. What I didn’t know was how involved in building their community they were. I love that I have a place I can check in AND a place I can direct out of town family and friends so they can see what I’m always talking about. Thank you Outside Inn! Sure hope I win!!!

  39. Keri Kemble
    Keri Kemble says:

    I shared with Facebook because I absolutely love your photography. NC events that I can’t attend I vicariously experience through your lens, and I look forward to each and every Facebook update. You are a treasure, Erin!

  40. Marisa Mohr
    Marisa Mohr says:

    Oh my! Look at all these fabulous prizes! If I win I’ll definitely be sharing some of these with my Nevada County friends and family!

  41. Marisa Mohr
    Marisa Mohr says:

    Oops I forgot to say what I love about the blog…I love seeing the pictures of “home”. I live in Seattle now and I miss all the beautiful seasons of Nevada County. And I absolutely love your free veggies to share stand. Such a great community. I am so grateful I grew up there!!

  42. Lillian Llacer
    Lillian Llacer says:

    I am constantly amazed by your dedication to this blog, Erin. You always come up with new and original ideas of things to cover, produce gorgeous photos, and have these amazing give-aways. I like how you always make everything look great, which certainly adds to its greatness and its ability to succeed. As others have said, this blog is an asset to the community. Thanks!

  43. Ann Hobbs
    Ann Hobbs says:

    I started following this blog, since its vibrancy about fun things to do and very common things to do about town were equally treated. Erin had done a remarkable job, informing those that read this, all about what’s happening, or something a bit obscure that many might not know. And what’s fun, is that Erin will interact with those that provide comments. Plus the Outside Inn has a good Halloween display! – Just saying….

  44. Sarah Hale
    Sarah Hale says:

    I shared the love too! One of our girls favorite stops on Halloween at the Outside Inn. The pictures you post on your blog really capture all the seasons and events our little town has to offer. But most of all I enjoy seeing our little town as it really is. Seeing all familiar faces and all the locals just living here and enjoying the day. The blog keeps us up on all the happenings in town from special event to everyday life. And life here is good. Really, really good.

  45. Ruth Chase
    Ruth Chase says:

    I am so excited to be part of the giveaway Erin !!!.
    Thank you for asking me.
    Now remember YOU lucky winner I want to see you in my class next year.

    Ruth @ Ruth Chase Fine Art

  46. Jerianne van Dijk
    Jerianne van Dijk says:

    We live in a wonderland village of people that work hard to bring out the best of what we have, love, and enjoy. Outside Inns (Erin) photo journaling has been a way of seeing the nooks and crannies of any given day. There are days I have sat down sure it was a fairly blah day and a roll of photos will come in Erin’s blog and change my whole perspective? the eyes bring light thanks for seeing in such a wondrous way it brings light to my day as well? I always look forward to the Eye of the day.

  47. Lillie
    Lillie says:

    I have to say that my favorite part of the blog are the photos. you capture all the goings-on around our wonderful and event-filled community! I just looked back through many of your older postings and got sucked in for an hour just looking through photos, reading comments etc.!
    Of course some of your giveaways are awesome- the ski package, and the ultimate giveaways top the list (and I haven’t ever won so I’m not just saying that!!)
    I’ve already liked you on FB so I will pass the email on to all of my employees and hopefully they will post too! After all, what a great giveaway and you can’t win if you don’t play!

  48. Jason McKean
    Jason McKean says:

    Shauna and I have been coming to Nevada City for the last 8 years for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in January. We have always stayed at the Outside Inn and have had the chance to chat with Erin once a year. I remember her telling me about the blog she was starting and I occasionally took a look. It has become such a great resource for the community. Her photos are incredible and really lend so much to the feeling of this incredible place. Thank you so much Erin for your wonderful contribution to Nevada City.

  49. Moira
    Moira says:

    My favorite posts are about the South Yuba River. There are still so many secrets about exploring it, that it takes a knowledgeable NC native to guide the newly arrived. I especially loved your post about the Mountain Dog Swimming Hole with the boys. I had never heard of it before. It looks like a dream.

  50. Sierra Mohr
    Sierra Mohr says:

    You and your blog are such an asset to our community! So often, your blog reminds me of events, people, and just everyday life that is happening here. The vegie stand is a wonderful opportunity for sharing. Your pictures are great. Thank you for your efforts and your inspirations!

  51. Sierra Mohr
    Sierra Mohr says:

    Shared and liked on facebook. What an awesome giveaway you are doing! Again, thanks from me and thanks from the community.

  52. Lisa Bonney Berry
    Lisa Bonney Berry says:

    I love the amazing photography in the Outside Inn blog. I enjoy many events in Nevada City, yet your photographs catch perspectives and moments that I’ve missed! The Farmer’s Market is one of my family’s favorite activities, and your photographic tribute is stunning, and shows just how vibrant it is. Thanks for all that you share!

  53. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    With all those beautiful pictures it’s hard to pick up a favorite, but I like a lot the farmer’s market post. Nevada City is one of my favorite places to visit. Thank you for this giveaway.

  54. Lisa Porcelli
    Lisa Porcelli says:

    I love reading all about what is going on in Nevada City, you do a great job highlighting your beautiful town. I must day i enjoy seeing all the different photos through out the spring summer and fall from the Veggie Box, It is so neat to see how many people share what they are growing. It always give me inspiration to try new veggies and recipes.

  55. Alana
    Alana says:

    You are the eyes and ears of this little town! You do such a wonderful job of capturing the endearing qualities of our community. It’s yet another aspect of Nevada City that I love so much. Many thanks for the love you put into this blog and all that you do.

  56. Jen
    Jen says:

    Epic is an understatement!
    I love the contagious enthusiasm for Nevada City that this blog brings! Such amazing adventures & beautiful photography keep me visiting the blog- and wanting to visit Nevada City!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  57. Mellisa
    Mellisa says:

    You are just amazing, Erin, in everything you do for the community! Plus, your blog and Facebook interaction are top notch. Brava, lady! Brava!

  58. Davis DeWitt
    Davis DeWitt says:

    My favorite thing about the blog are the contests, not gonna lie! I really enjoy hearing the discussions of the varying blog topics in the mornings a the gym. The photos are fantastic as well. I admire the amount of enthusiasm you have for the blog and appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

  59. Davis DeWitt
    Davis DeWitt says:

    I shared the contest on fb, thanks for such a wonderful way to be involved with local businesses.

  60. Samie White
    Samie White says:

    Erin! Your Outside Inn blog and photos are so amazing! Thank you for posting all that you do!

    And yes, I happily shared your Epic Giveaway on my Facebook!!!

  61. Naima Shea
    Naima Shea says:

    What is outstanding for me is the remarkably fresh and alive photography–the way you capture the joy and wonder and uniqueness of our little town. Completely charming!
    I have shared the link on my FB page! A big shout out to all the generous donors! And hope I win so my Dad can celebrate his 85th birthday staying with you in February (we’ll try anyway!).

  62. Jeanne
    Jeanne says:

    I love this site especially when there is a picture post of the fruit and veggies outside the Outside Inn for locals to take, leave, and enjoy. We are blessed to live in a community where there is love, peace, and friendship among us all. There’s no place like home.

  63. Michelle Margulies
    Michelle Margulies says:

    I absolutely love the pictures from the farmers market. Though all the photos are awesome, there is something about those pictures that really draw me in. It is so easy to take our beautiful town for granted, thank you Erin, your images bring the magic back for me!

  64. Rose Sponder
    Rose Sponder says:

    I love this blog because your photography makes me feel like I’m totally plugged in to the best of our area – I have a feel for all of the events thanks to your pictures. So glad people from OUTSIDE the area can have the same experience I do. Happy holidays, bloggers!

  65. julie Piazzese
    julie Piazzese says:

    My Dad loves to come and visit his roots and has wonderful things to say with each stay. The pictures are som wonderful. We are truly luck to live in such a beautiful place.

  66. Suzie Dyer
    Suzie Dyer says:

    I LOVE seeing the pictures you post and also the upcoming events in our town!! I also love how you promote our town so well!! Thanks!!

  67. Shannon Rashby
    Shannon Rashby says:

    I love all the beautiful pics. I love to repost them on FB, so my friends from faraway can see what a picturesque town we live in.

  68. Christene H
    Christene H says:

    Love the fact that Ruth Chase Fine Art is listed. Have been looking to get a away for a mini vacation and did not know of this Inn. Love the photos will definetly check it out next drive I visit Nevada City.

  69. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Jeez .. you are not going to get a favorite out of me .. there are really just so many. The photos are SOO great — fall colors, the river, great trails..But it is all the places and events that you show us … mountain biking, hiking, swimming holes, art walks and more.

    For those of us who find this area over-full w/ activities, and we just can’t get out much (and maybe even have a fear-of-missing-out-thing going) — we can live a bit through your blog!!

  70. Kimberley
    Kimberley says:

    From the moment the share your produce stand was introduced, I knew. I hosted our out of town wedding guests in their gorgeous suites, and they LOVED it. I bring my children to watch the fish, and Porkchop and Lulu quench their thirst with endless doggie water. There is also a bottomless bowl of Jelly Bellys!!!
    OK, now onto the blog.
    Our town has so much character, and Erin captures the uniqueness of our vibrant city eloquently with a quirky edge.

  71. Debra Miller
    Debra Miller says:

    I shared the love on Facebook! Thank you for your beautiful pictures..our family really enjoys them!

  72. Amy Cooke
    Amy Cooke says:

    InnSide Nevada City is the go-to place for everything Nevada County! From great food to events and activities, Erin truly has the “Inn-siders” view. We steer old-time locals, newbies and tourists to this site for great information. Not only that, it stays fun and exciting with contests, unusual profiles, and wonderful photography. I love the way that the blog is really personal – it gives the true flavor of our community, rather than just a listing of “stuff.”

  73. Evan Reiffel
    Evan Reiffel says:

    What I love about this BLOG is it alway features the best local treasures of Nevada County. Neighbors supporting neighbors is the “heart” of these foothills. (I’d love to win too! Nice “stuff”!)

  74. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    I love the photography. And the local angle is wonderful, as well – so much to learn about this county. Very appreciated.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Cameron-Ashley Heath
    Cameron-Ashley Heath says:

    Awesome giveaway for the holidays! I visit Nevada City twice a year and this package if I were lucky enough to win it, would make those oh so much more exciting. Thank you for putting it together and I have long enjoyed the blog; it gives me such a great idea of new places in Nevada City so that I am prepared before I come.

  76. Dave R.
    Dave R. says:

    Holy Crap – BONANZA! (Note the importance of the dash.) What an amazing network of local businesses and support.

    Without a doubt one of the best things about the Outside Inn blog are the pictures, pictures, pictures. The framing and variety is amazing. The accompanying text content is so descriptive yet straightforward, informative, and with links! It takes a knack.

  77. Carolyn Ayers
    Carolyn Ayers says:

    I love all the info on Nevada City. Even after 17 years I am still discovering new places and activities!

  78. Katie Carter
    Katie Carter says:

    Of course I Love all your fine photography but you have an incredible feel for weaving our community together. Your blog entices out-of-towners to want to live here or at least visit and spend some $$ here. Thank you for all that you do. You have support from an incredible family 🙂 and friends.

  79. Jaleen Davidson
    Jaleen Davidson says:

    I recently movd back to the area offer growing up in Grass valley, and your blog reminds me that there is still more to discover about my hometown. Thanks for giving me a new perspective on things left to discover here! I discovered your blog when I searched for information on Sugar Loaf Trail, so that is probably my favorite post as my husband and I love to hike there with our 6 month old son. Thank you!

  80. Dan
    Dan says:

    Why do I love InnSide Nevada City? Because of Erin’s unique take on our small town and the spectacular images she shares with us all!

  81. Todd Lawson
    Todd Lawson says:

    Wow, what a bonanza. I love this community, mostly due to the people and businesses located here. You guys have one of the best local flavor websites! Thanks for helping to make the GV/NC area that much better.

  82. Donna Loper
    Donna Loper says:

    All I have to say is WOW! What a prize package. I love to read your blog to see what’s happening around the area. My favorite one was the bear in down town Nevada City. Thank you for giving me a chance to win this amazing gift. It would turn my Christmas from every thin to bountiful. But my Christmas is always blessed when I get to spend it with my friends and loved ones.
    Donna Loper

  83. Kaeleen gracey
    Kaeleen gracey says:

    I love keeping up on your blog posts! Makes me feel like I’m relearning my hometown every time!

  84. suzanne carter
    suzanne carter says:

    This sounds like a terrific place to go with our family. Good luck to all, and I hope someone local wins! Hope to visit your Inn sometime from the Bay Area!

  85. Aimee Retzler
    Aimee Retzler says:

    My favorite posts are about the river. The one this summer about great swimming holes was terrific. The photos are superb plus I love the ‘models’ that you use. Makes my heart warmer knowing that we live in such a cool place thanks to you Erin!

  86. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    Man, this giveaway is amazing! The thing I love most about your blog is that it introduces the community to new businesses in the area.

  87. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I can’t say enough about this blog and the Outside inside news. You keep me in touch with all that is good about living in Nevada City especially when I’m not there. Thank you so much.

  88. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    What an amazing blog; someone who truly understands and demonstrates the meaning of “community!” You have taken this on, on you own, to make a difference…and what I positive one it is. If only all the big little towns across the world were so fortunate! Keep up the great work 🙂

    PS: Facebook has gotten my like and share 🙂

  89. Linda
    Linda says:

    I’m so glad Sheila turned me onto this blog since all i know about Nevada City is what she and my very old friend and her hubby Greg tell me!

  90. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    The picture you take are beautiful! This site reminds me of everything special about Nevada City!! There is no better place to live.

  91. Maeve Burke
    Maeve Burke says:

    You are epic, Erin! What I love most about the blog are your beautiful photographs of the changing seasons: the Yuba in the spring, the celebration of life triathlon in the summer, the magnificent fall foliage, and Victorian Christmas and a snow covered Outside Inn in winter. When I can’t be in Nevada City, I feel like I’m there when I peruse your awesome blog! Thanks for all you do, Erin!

  92. Tara
    Tara says:

    I love all the variety – and of course those cute boys eating ice cream. InnSide NC shows us all how fabulous this place is that we live! And Erin has a great eye for a good photo. Check out her amazing postcards for sale around town!

  93. Skyzer Mowen
    Skyzer Mowen says:

    Outside Inn is a killer place with a killer owner. Themed rooms abound and the small town hospitality is a great welcome. Nevada City love 🙂

  94. Amber Magnolia
    Amber Magnolia says:

    When I first moved here and started blogging, 7 years ago, I dreamed of capturing every cool thing that was happening in Nevada City. I did NOT make that dream a reality, but you did Erin! My favorite thing about the InnSide blog is that it’s the single easiest way to show out-of-towners why this is the place to visit on their next vacay.

  95. Steve Michelson
    Steve Michelson says:

    I like seeing all the photos and the devoted and creative marketing that Erin brings to the Blog. As her father what I like most is that all that complaining she used to do about how long I was taking to get a great family photograph in fact rubbed off into real skills for her. I am very proud of all of her success and now I’m learning new Blog skills myself. What goes around comes around.

  96. David
    David says:

    As relatively recent transplants to NC, your blog has really helped our family integrate into the community and learn about all the fantastic activities going on that we otherwise wouldn’t know about. Your post about biking at Hirschman’s Pond, is a personal favorite because it introduced us to one of my favorite close jaunts with my son! I also really like that I will invariably see Erin at all the events happening around town!

  97. Glen
    Glen says:

    My 7 y.o. boy has always had a great time visiting the Outside Inn on Halloween, and thus, so have I. Your blog has been helping me learn about Nevada City, and has helped me see the town’s heart and soul, and the more important things about living here: community and celebrating the natural beauty and abundance around us. Thank you for that. And it was nice finally meeting you this evening.

  98. Carol White
    Carol White says:

    I love your photography, and the photo collages you do. My favorite post is probably the swimming spots on the Yuba! Thanks for all you do for our town 🙂

  99. Serena
    Serena says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite post because all your photos are always so enjoyable, but I do love the Point Defiance Loop post. That’s one of my favorite walks, especially in the Spring.

  100. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    I have shared the love…..spelled out the odds…..explained how foolish it would be not to enter…..threatened to remove people from my will if they don’t use their winnings on me when they come up and visit…. oh, i GOT this!

  101. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    My favorite thing about this blog is the sense of community I get from it. Also, the fun ideas for things to do and places to see are priceless and allow me to be the best tour guide I can be when friends and family come to visit. Artwalks, fun hikes, wine tasting events…”these are a few of my favorite things” (yes, I will be watching tonight’s live performance of Sound of Music on NBC.)

  102. Ashley Kosher
    Ashley Kosher says:

    Dang Erin!! You really went all out on this one! =) My favorite part of your blog are all your pictures! They are always so beautiful! So glad I finally got to meet you too!! I still think we should have a “Nevada City Instagram meet up walk!”. Let’s organize one soon! Happy Holiday to you and your family! =)

  103. Monica Conkle
    Monica Conkle says:

    Wow! I just love our generous community and so thankful we made this our home where our children can grow up in such a caring and unique place. Thank you for all that you do! Merry Christmas!

  104. Monica Conkle
    Monica Conkle says:

    I shared this on my facebook page! I forgot to mention above that my favorite local event is the boxcar races in June!

  105. Evans
    Evans says:

    Great Job Erin, What an amazing collection of gifts you have put together for some lucky person. You truly deserve the title of ambassador of Nevada County. We are a better community because of you. Happy Christmas, love your biggest supporter, Mom

  106. Kate Barry
    Kate Barry says:

    Definitely posted to Facebook! Your blog has been away for me to keep in touch with the new and old traditions of Nevada City. The moments you capture at events and through the seasons create this wonderful sense of nostalgia for me. Reading this blog makes me want to go back in time and attend everything I missed just to be a part of the spirit captured through your photography. Thank you for being such a loving and thoughtful part of this community!

  107. Chip
    Chip says:

    I think Erin’s post card pictures are my favorite Outside Inn creation of 2013. I use them to send quick notes to people and remind them that NC is a very special place.

  108. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    After recently moving to the area, I have found your blog very helpful and inspiring when searching for things to do and gaining a better understanding for what the community has to offer! I especially enjoyed a recent post about the south yuba swimming holes. Fabulous photography as well!!

  109. Karen McCann
    Karen McCann says:

    Erin you do a wonderful job of representing the communites of both Nevada City & Grass Valley. I use your blog as a reference, I often check to see what’s happening currently as well as your archives for ideas on shopping, eating, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors! Your photos are wonderful and make me feel proud to live in such a beautiful community.

  110. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    We absolutely love The Outside Inn. It’s the oily place we stay when we visit the beautiful, charming Nevada City. We especially love bringing our dogs on our trips, and The Outside Inn makes that so easy for us. I can’t wait to check out your blog to see all of your pictures and read for posts. From what the others are saying, it sounds like you have done an amazing job. We haven’t visited in too long, so I will look at all your pics as a reminder of what we are missing. I hope we can visit soon. If I win this prize, that may just happen! Here’s hoping! 🙂

  111. Christina Smith
    Christina Smith says:

    Erin: Nevada County’s Ambassador!
    As a local business owner I really appreciate all that Erin does to promote this wonderful area. Her photography always speaks volumes of this beautiful place we call home! Cheers!

  112. Lindsey Melugin
    Lindsey Melugin says:

    It is so hard to pick a favorite thing! Erin, you do such a wonderful job! I suppose if I HAD to choose, I would say the pictures are the thing I love the most. They are so well shot and really capture the beauty of Nevada County, and all of the people and things in it. Now, I am off to share your epic giveaway on facebook. Good luck, everyone!

  113. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I love the simplicity and currency of content. Your blog showcases our county beautifully! It’s such a great source of local information .

  114. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Incredible prize!
    I love seeing all the happenings in NC through your blog, and all the wonderful pics!

  115. Suzanne Warren
    Suzanne Warren says:

    The blog is an amazing reflection of this incredible community and, as others have commented, the photos are especially great. When the “honorary uncle” of my “honorary niece” was coming down for a special celebration of her 21st birthday, he wanted a recommendation for a place to stay, and of course the Outside Inn was the first one that came to mind. Even though I have never stayed there, I just knew he would feel most welcome there and get a good feel for this community I think because of the inviting tone of the blog. And not only did he love it, he got our girl Oona a job there for the summer! Thank you Outside In for being you!

  116. Shana M
    Shana M says:

    Dang Erin! That’s quite a generous give-away. Just had to throw my virtual hat into the ring. I’m so grateful for all you do to give props to our amazing community, and I’m so grateful I get to live here! Long live Nevada City.

  117. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    What I love most about your blog, is your amazing coverage of Nevada City culture and events. Thank you for your dedication to your blog and our town!

  118. Kathy Frey
    Kathy Frey says:

    I’m just a twee bit biased… I absolutely love the postcard post the best ;p

    your blog is the whole reason why I proposed that project in the first place… you capture visually how I feel about living here, and I suspected you’d be an awesome person to work with… which you were/are! (I, on the other hand, have dropped the ball on 2 components of that project that I still owe you, dangit).

  119. Kelly Taylor
    Kelly Taylor says:

    The reason this blog is so unusually captivating is it really grabs hold of the community and culture of this town and shows the beauty that we might forget in the day to day grind. We have so much to offer here! There are so many really neat shops and events and you pull them all out of hiding and remind us what is out there!

  120. Mackenzie
    Mackenzie says:

    When my son was little, he thought the Inn was an extension of our house since we lived next door and whenever his grandma was in town she stayed there. I just asked my little one what his favorite room was and he said, “I don’t just have one…. I like the The Bike Room and the Rock Climbing Suite oh, and the Cabin….and don’t forget when they tell us about all the things that are happening in our town so we don’t forget.” Out of the mouth of babes, I swear.

  121. Eleni
    Eleni says:

    I love finding out about all the cool activities in town while looking at gorgeous pics of Nevada City. Overall great, informative, beautiful blog.

  122. Robert
    Robert says:

    I love the InnSide Nevada City blog because it really captures what Nevada City is all about. The blog showcases both the hidden and obvious aspects of our community that locals and visitors appreciate. It is well written and the photography is so special that I sometimes think I can hear and smell the scenes just by looking at them.

    Thanks for sharing your love of Nevada City with us.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Robert, excited to share some of my blogging knowledge with Sierra Commons, it’s been a lot of trail and error, but I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way.

  123. Hermi
    Hermi says:

    What I love most about this blog is that my daughter, Cathy, talks about it all the time. I can see why. Such lovely pictures!

  124. Paula
    Paula says:

    I love how you and your photos take us all over Nevada County. We get to “travel” to beautiful, special places and your photos always make me wish I was there! Thanks, Erin!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      I love that I too am constantly finding new things in our own backyard, like our walk to points of historical interest last month, have you ever stopped and read the plaques downtown? Who knew!

  125. Michele
    Michele says:

    I love that I can always turn to the Outside Inn blog to see what’s going on in our town. I might not be able to attend every event due to family, work, LIFE! But I can get home, sit back, and log on to the blog to scroll through and view some gorgeous pics! It’s like we’re really there.
    Thank you so much Outside Inn!

  126. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Your blog and lovely photos make us appreciate where we live even more, and helps us know what is going on around here! I routinely share your posts on Facebook to inspire people to come up to check it all out for themselves. Thanks for writing it!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      So glad I can help inspire you to get visitors, and when they can’t all fit at your house you can send ’em on over to the Outside Inn!

  127. Alli Jaquith
    Alli Jaquith says:

    I feel so blessed to live in such a special town filled with so many creative, thoughtful and innovative thinkers. I am always awed at how when someone is in need here the community steps up to help out.

    That said, I really think that the InnsideNevadaCity blog serves an important and valuable role in this community, informing the locals of happenings and creating a published hub of information about our gorgeous town. So often in a small place like ours information goes unshared and Erin and the rest of the blog staff make sure that doesn’t happen.

    Plus, THE PHOTOS! Always timely, always beautifully framed and processed, with an eye for the beauty and the relevant. As a photographer myself, I truly appreciate your work in this realm! Your photos in particular, along with your knack for keeping your pulse on this town’s heartbeat make the Innside NC blog more than a promotional newsletter; it makes all of you on staff there part of a valuable community resource. So… THANK YOU! <3

  128. kimberly pepper pepe
    kimberly pepper pepe says:

    I always enjoy the “shameless’ promotions for the Outside Inn 🙂 You help me to remember how blessed I am to live here. Love to all for the Holiday Season! Pepper

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Pepper, glad to know you’re on my team, and happy to help promote the amazing shows that come to The Center for the Arts.

  129. Kim Knighton
    Kim Knighton says:

    Hi Erin, I appreciate everything you do to support your community, year ’round! I especially love all your fall photos, your posts about the Yuba, and the pictures of your Share Your Own food cart. I already like your page, so I’ll sign up for your email feed. 🙂 -Kim

      • Thea Chroman
        Thea Chroman says:

        Ha – Only Eugene, Oregon now! Feels far, but luckily close enough to make it home every once in awhile. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces soon…

  130. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Your Nevada City contributions are appreciated. My husband and I moved here September 2012 and your blog has been an informative go-to for happenings around town, as well as letting us in on new places to explore. Very thankful! 🙂

  131. Colleen
    Colleen says:

    So looking forward to spending time at the Outside Inn and enjoying the Victorian Christmas for the first time.

  132. Roseanne Burke
    Roseanne Burke says:

    We love the Outside Inn! We stayed there the night before we moved into our house 11 years ago, for awhile when we were remodeling, and sometimes when we get a lot of snow and lose power. We also recommend it to all our friends and family – and they love it too. We also love the blog – a constant reminder of just how amazing Nevada City is. Thank you Erin for being such an awesome ambassador for Nevada City and environs – we all so appreciate what you do to showcase and promote our magical little town!

    (and of course I shared it on FB – multiple times -and emailed to friends and family)

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thansk Roseanne, thanks for the contribution to the basket and all that you do to share the love of the arts in our community.

  133. Lydia Clarke
    Lydia Clarke says:

    I like seeing your photos at work – blending your love of photography with your passion for marketing your business and the pride you take in your town. 🙂

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      I’m glad you think I have pride in our little town, grin. We want you guys to come visit more, maybe if you won this basket you’d share the love with me?

  134. Kurtis
    Kurtis says:

    What an amazing prize!!! We are so lucky to live in such a caring community. I love seeing all the local input and insight your blog has to offer. Thank you so much for all you do Erin!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Kurtis, it’s fun to get out and see what our community has. Please keep taking photos, I look forward to adding your perspective on more events in 2014.

  135. Ed
    Ed says:

    Erin, I mainly like that you do so much work for me. I don’t get to a fraction of the events and places you do, so I appreciate (and am inspired) by the breadth of your interests and your energy in pursuing them. You supplement those efforts with a skill at both taking and editing photos so that you document your posts perfectly. I’m especially glad about how much you prize art, especially emerging local artists like Anna Snelgrove and Ruth Chase and many others. Thanks.

    • Ruth Chase
      Ruth Chase says:

      Ed how kind of you to mention our work. I love Anna’s work too. We are lucky to have so many talented artist such as yourself. Thank you for your support my friend.

  136. Irene Shin
    Irene Shin says:

    I live in SF but have a weekend/future-retirement home in Grass Valley. Originally, I fell in love with your photos of the area on Flickr, and then followed your profile to your blog site. Your blog and photos have been, and continue to be, a great introduction to the area. I especially love the fact that you feature and promote other local businesses!! Your site has become my go-to shopping guide for the holidays and beyond.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Many thanks, it’s amazing how many choices we have for such a small town, yeah for shopping locally! What’s your favorite store I’ve promoted?

      • Irene Shin
        Irene Shin says:

        Oh… and probably A Foreign Affair. I’m sad that they shut down their store. I found the place fascinating and spent many hours chatting with the owners.

  137. Kim Culbertson
    Kim Culbertson says:

    Obviously, the best part of the blog is the one who writes it. Erin, thanks for all you do for our community with your blog. I love directing friends from out of town to your site. (Also, yes, I’m aware sucking up here isn’t going to help my chances!)

  138. karen
    karen says:

    nevada city, why i love it. in words? that is difficult for me. all i know is that my heart skipped a bunch of beats when i first drove through in 1997, and i haven’t wavered in my devotion and dedication to this town since. it took me until 2001 to actually make this wonderful town my home, but it had my heart from the get-go. now, there is no where else i want to be. the people are FIRST on my list of positives, never before have so many people returned my smile, or smiled at me first. for the most part, people are happy here, for they have chosen to live in a sacred and beautiful place, away from the hustle and bustle and running that so many in this world call life. we call this God’s country, because HE/SHE already lived here, and now we do too!
    a community like this is not common, and i feel incredibly privileged to live amongst people that CARE about each other. Blessed be Nevada City……

  139. Janis
    Janis says:

    What’s not to like about your blog, Erin? It is so informative, especially for someone like me who doesn’t have the pleasure to live in Nevada City. We plan to move there in 2 years, so it’s nice to be informed about what is offered there from your fun & interesting blog. Thanks!

  140. Pam
    Pam says:

    Hi Erin – What an amazing blog and giveaway once again. What I enjoy most about your blog is the vibrancy of your photographs and the sense of community they bring to mind. You always have a fun item or event to highlight. Some for kids some for adults – all described with flair and grace. Your blog ever so subtly lets us all know that we can and should get out there and have some fun!

    Your giveaways are interesting in their own right. Just enough to bring attention to a business and always a small hoop to jump through to get in the running. The nice thing is that occasionally, you actually do win!

    I don’t have a Facebook presence, however I do often forward your blog on to friends near and far. It’s a wonderful way to let them know what we’re doing up here.

    I have had many favorite blogs. Among the top would be hiking and biking by the South Yuba (fun to see friends and family), Pinewood Derby (who else covers Cub Scout events?) and the First Friday Art Walk (I decided I really needed to go!). Keep up the good work. You help to bring our community together. Thanks. Pam

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      You’re welcome, I was so excited to capture the beauty of our little town, so glad so many other people have enjoyed them. Now if only I could manage to post every day… (that, by the way, is not a realistic goal).

  141. Lindsay Ostrom
    Lindsay Ostrom says:

    I do love your photos. ALot of the time i don’t even need to read what you have written to know the story. THe photos tell it all. And i love that you focuse on the great parts of the town you love.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Can you imagine if I wrote a blog about the parts I didn’t like? (laughing). I know most people don’t want to read much, that’s why I keep it short.

  142. Syd Brown
    Syd Brown says:

    I’m new to this blog, but not new to Nevada County….I’m afraid I may be developing a mild addiction: Erin’s photographs! I love the scope and tone of the blog….very positive and effectively captures essences of Nevada County. For me, the natural beauty of our watershed has always been the hook….and then the architecture and funky idiosyncrasies of small town living…SPD as the city square….nightly entertainment (theatre, dance, music!)…art, art, art; local agriculture (share veggie basket is a delight!) and a sustainable life pace all constitute the line and sinker. These qualities attract quality people and I am so grateful to live in this real life magical place. 🙂

    (I retired recently from my job in Sacramento, having commuted daily to downtown since 1984. I FINALLY get to enjoy my home community full-time, hiking and biking the trails, swimming in the river, strolling the streets and volunteering for various like-minded organizations–State Parks, SYRCL, The Sierra Fund, Center for the Arts, Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra, and Holt Ballet Conservatory.)

  143. Matt
    Matt says:

    Awesome job promoting our community and demonstrating what a beautiful place all of us get to share. Tremendous sense of good will from all the different posts. Feels good.
    Keep it up!

  144. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Having just moved to town from Chicago, your blog has helped reinforce the feeling that this was the right move. I’m still new here, but the tone of your posts on Facebook and Pinterest make me feel right at home. And the fact that you find enough fun, outdoorsy, and cultural to-dos to share helps me not miss the big city so much.

    It’s sort of like how, when I read that Outside Magazine voted NC second best river town, it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Small doesn’t have to be stifling and boring; it can be wonderful and exciting when there are good people doing good things.

    So…thank you!

  145. Julie Carrara
    Julie Carrara says:

    What to say? I love this blog. It just captures the essence of our town so beautifully. Thank you for putting your passion in to action and celebrating all that is good about our little corner of the world. Love!!!

  146. kira
    kira says:

    my favorite thing about the blog is when i see photo’s of myself when i didn’t know you were even there! you’re the best stalker ever & i wouldn’t trade ‘ya for nothing…thanks for all the hard work & remember, housework can ALWAYS wait! xo

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      I didn’t know I was up for the best stalker award, who else was in the running? Since I last saw you sweeping, not sure you’re taking your own advice on the housework.

  147. Sarah H
    Sarah H says:

    I love how you selflessly promote other small businesses in our beloved Nevada County. Always paying it forward!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Sarah, thanks for all your support online, love seeing your likes and shares and comments… and in real life visits to the veggie cart.

  148. Sarah Deyermenjian
    Sarah Deyermenjian says:

    Oh gosh I’m not sure if I can just pick one thing about Nevada City that I love. My family moved here from Orange county two years ago and I’m just obsessed with this county:) Its so magical everything about it. I have to say above all I love the Seasons here and Nevada City is by far the most beautiful in all 4 of them. My friends back home go crazy when I post pictures. It just looks like a storybook. It looks like a town that you’d see in a snowglobe its so cute!!:) I really could name a zillion things I love!! Its the best city ever!!!


    Thank you for all your updates on what’s going on Erin! ! I love your blog and your pictures are so amazing all the time!! My favorite thing you shared was tbe U picks at tbe food love project! Our family enyjoys that so much…so thanks for bringing it to our attention! !

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Oh I’m so glad I inspired you to go to the U Pick (I’m going to assume it was Food Love Project?), gotta support our local farmers!

      • Sarah Deyermenjian
        Sarah Deyermenjian says:

        Yes 🙂 Food Love Project .Those farmers are AWESOME we love them! My 5 year old had a blast picking veggies every Thursday:)

  149. Katherine Porebski
    Katherine Porebski says:

    I love all your photos and Nevada City info on Facebook, but I must admit I didn’t know you had a Blog. Well your Give-away did the trick and brought me here. Now I’ll check your posts and make some comments from time to time. Thanks for being our local rover. You make me wish I lived closer to town when you capture those quiet moments that only a town dweller could get out and experience. Thanks for sharing those moments with us all! Bravo!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      So glad you discovered the blog there are significantly more photos on here then FB, and I love giveaways… mind you they’re not normally this large, but the smaller ones have better odds of winning, so keep checking in.

  150. Erin Melugin Davis
    Erin Melugin Davis says:

    Erin, you’re a gem in our little town. Thanks for this and everything else you do. My favorite thing about the Outside Inn’s blog is YOU!

  151. Heather
    Heather says:

    I love Nevada City! Every year we meet our cousins and stay at the Outside inn. We always book this around Hot Summer Nights.We spend the early part of the day at the Yuba. Swimming in the Yuba is so fun and and the backdrop is amazing! Even though we share a summer cabin in Healdsburg we always make a vacation together to Nevada City.

  152. alison
    alison says:

    I love how Outside Inn promotes small businesses in Nevada City, and seems to capture the lesser-known things that people passing through and locals alike would never know about. I especially love the consideration in your creation of a free veggie exchange, what a great way to support community, both for people who have an abundance of produce without an easy way to share, and in support of so many who really need the food support – thank you!

  153. Margo
    Margo says:

    I love how you tie marketing of our town, local business and events into a fun blog that is informational and fun to read. As a business owner I always appreciate your efforts is promoting what it is the Nevada County has to offer. Thanks Erin!

  154. jes taber
    jes taber says:

    i think erin gives the best insight to local happenings, shops, trails, river spots & tasty finds. i would say your coverage of such great things as KitKitdizzi’s opening with 4 local artisans is a great example of such blog pieces ( i know the community wouldn’t be as informed and as delighted to see such beautiful photographs of this mountain’s bounty. great work & happy holidays!

  155. Debra Warila
    Debra Warila says:

    I just recently discovered your blog, and I love all the wonderful photos of Nevada City! This is also a great contest!!

  156. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Very nice site. I have actually only driven through Nevada City once. We are fairly new to California and I’m loving it. I don’t have a favorite event yet since I’m so new here but when I found out we were moving to California last year I researched. I found pictures here of Victorian Christmas. The pictures really capture the spirit of Christmas. I cannot wait to see it with my family in person tomorrow. See ya soon Nevada City.

  157. Rosanna Magnisi
    Rosanna Magnisi says:

    Nevada City is always a great destination for us down in Sacramento. The ride up there is beautiful and the locals are so friendly. Spend the day shopping for that special holiday gift, warm your spirits with a warm beverage, and later enjoy a meal in one of the many fine eating establishments. Nevada City, “showing the love” this holiday season! Fa la la la la tee dah dah dah. Seasons Greetings from your neighbors down the hill.

  158. Maureen Gerecke
    Maureen Gerecke says:

    I love seeing all the wonderful places to visit in Nevada City. I am a big fan of the Outside Inn and Nevada City Eats too! have a wonderful holiday!

  159. Annie
    Annie says:

    This blog has been invaluable to me as I decided to take the plunge, follow my heart, and relocate from San Diego to Nevada City. I learned so much about the community and culture and somewhere between posts on the farmers market, the bicycle tour, the storytelling festival, and photos of the beautiful river and local hikes, I made up my mind to make Nevada City my home. Thank you for inspiring this leap! I don’t think I could possibly have felt as confident and as enthusiastic about this decision without the info, images,and inspiration I got from this blog. When I started to doubt myself or get bogged down with all the logistics of ending a life chapter and starting another, I’d look at the blog again for reassurance and confidence. And now I’m here! In time to enjoy Victorian Christmas and the upcoming fungus foray! And to enter my very first Outside Inn Blog Giveaway! What a welcome! I can’t thank you enough!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thank you… I’m honored to have played a role in your decision to move to Nevada City, your comment truly made my afternoon. I hope you had a fabulous time at Victorian Christmas.

  160. Annie
    Annie says:

    I just “liked” The Outside Inn on Facebook and posted the Giveaway post to Facebook with the following comment:

    The Outside Inn is pretty darn awesome and the blog is full of great info and images about upcoming events in Nevada City. I’m hoping to continue my raffle luck by winning this giveaway, but I welcome some competition. Bring it!

  161. Kathryn Boswell
    Kathryn Boswell says:

    Well Annie…you say you are up for a little competition eh….well here you go. I have lived here all of my life except for 4 years of college, traveling the world, and then Seattle for two years. I always knew that I wanted to come “home” – I love Nevada City and everything about it and it makes me proud to say where I live. Erin’s blog InnSide like you said – solidified your choice to move here – and for me…it solidifies my choice to STAY here. We have such a cool community, wonderful stores, architecture, fabulous restaurants, theater, music, amazing schools, a safe place for us to raise our family…the lists go on and on – the best part about it is Erin captures the flair of our town with her photos, her words and her amazing giveaways…THANK YOU ERIN for loving “our town” I am also a huge fan of it.

  162. ~amy~
    ~amy~ says:

    Wow, that is an epic giveaway! I love this blog for the photos and seeing what an awesome community that you live in. It is definitely on my ‘checklist’ to stay at the Outside Inn!

  163. Sadie
    Sadie says:

    This blog is so fun. I love your posts. The pictures capture the essence of the scenes and I love to see them. My favorite post was of the swimming hole. We had to check it out ourselves after that. So thanks for sharing all of you in this blog.

  164. Liza
    Liza says:

    I love InnSide Nevada City blog, because I sometimes forget just how many restaurants, shops, concerts, festivals, gatherings and special events our little town has to offer! And if I miss an event, I can catch up on the fun with all the photos! Heres to a great new year!!!

  165. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Erin reveals the joy embodied in our wonderful town. Her blog highlights so many of the reasons we feel proud to call this home.
    Thank you, Erin. Cheers to a great new year!

  166. Sheri F
    Sheri F says:

    I love all the info on local activities and stores. We’re new to the area and I’m still learning my way around.

  167. Holly Graham
    Holly Graham says:

    Wow, glanced through this blog and there is a wealth of interesting information. I will definitely go through it in more depth on my laptop. I also shared this blog post, and liked the facebook page.

  168. V
    V says:

    I have always thought your name “Outside Inn” was so clever. I have lived out of town for 32 years now and the Outside Inn has really come to life. I have a pin for their post and I just shared 2 of their beautiful photos of NC. They are really stepping out to make this community a homey place and I just can’t keep up with all the shops changing. By the way, I wish we could do something about Harmony Books having to move with nowhere to go. It’s gotta be the oldest business in town! Thank you for your work!

  169. Carlye Miller
    Carlye Miller says:

    I love your farmers market blog post. Gorgeous pictures, plus it reminds me of all of the great ways you support local produce access in this community–both by hosting Mountain Bounty Farm’s CSA and by having your free produce stand out front of the Outside Inn all summer. I love the Outside Inn too–clean, cute, cozy rooms at an affordable price with links to all of the great outside stuff going on around here.

  170. Carlye Miller
    Carlye Miller says:

    I shared the love on my Facebook page. But I asked my friends not to click the link and register because I want to win. Does that disqualify me? 🙂

  171. Sue McElligott
    Sue McElligott says:

    Erin, you have become Nevada City’s very own Entertainment, Visitor and Marketing rep. Your photos and articles about our great little town are not just informative, but full of great pride and visual beauty of our community. As an up and coming artist, I truly appreciate everything you do to help get our own home grown creatives get noticed. Thank you for all that you do. I always recommend the Outside Inn for all of our out of town friends and family. Have yourself a beautiful holiday!

  172. Terri Tilly
    Terri Tilly says:

    I love reading the blog! Living in town I sometimes miss events and it is great to read a brief about the great things I miss out on. It also gives me a heads up to different happenings that I may want to attend. Great job.

  173. Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith says:

    While I love all things Outside Inn – I’d have to say the Fudenjuce post has been the most transformative. I would’ve never know about the place and their tempeh apple salad rocks my WORLD. I also just love the consistent awesomeness of the photography. Especially the yuba river shots. Really really spectacular.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Bailey, I love that you guys came all the way up the hill from Sacramento to see a play, because of the blog! What about Halloween though, that didn’t make your top 10 list?

  174. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    I love that anytime I think there’s nothing interesting happening in the area, your blog proves me wrong. 🙂

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks! And one of these nights I’ll make it to trivia night, perhaps you should do a bit more nudge, nudge to get me out the door on a Tuesday evening.

  175. Heather Carver
    Heather Carver says:

    When I first move to this area 2 years ago and didn’t know all rhe fun and exciting things to do I was referred to this blog. I live ready everything this area has to offer. My favorite find is Bridgeport. I read about all the trails and have made that one if my favorite monthly weekend walks.

  176. Addie
    Addie says:

    I love the local events, and tidbits about our town I didn’t know. It encourages me to try new places and revisit those I haven’t been in too long.

  177. Allison Massam
    Allison Massam says:

    Your blog is full of beautiful photos & great local information! I love that you share about the whole area & include so many local business!

  178. deborah gail
    deborah gail says:

    Wow Erin!!! That’s a lot of comments on here!!!
    Well, I love your blog because you keep us totally up on the local events. And yes we get the local paper but believe it or not, but you catch much more of what’s going on. You are out and about and keeping us informed, Thanks Erin!!!

  179. Drew
    Drew says:

    Love the sharing of unique photos on instagram and through your blog of a great little town. Thanks for doing and caring so much!

  180. Sofia Hoiland
    Sofia Hoiland says:

    You take the best pictures of our favorite place! Love seeing the highlights of what NC has to offer on my instagram feed. Sometimes I even use that as a go to for what to do that day for our family!

    We live in a tiny house and could not have wished for a better town to get outside and go exploring! Loved all of the shots of the Yuba River over the summer, all of the fairgrounds events photos you take (like the Celtic Festival)… Loved the post on KitKitDizzi, I checked them out yesterday at Victorian Christmas because of your posts and photos of the Juniper Ridge line on Instagram!

  181. David
    David says:

    Just stayed in the “cabin” last night…very nice, clean, cozy with the fireplace. Actually more amenities than I expected. From the outside it looks small but feels much bigger when inside. Comfy, cozy chairs and large bathroom. Staff is quite nice and helpful, I recommend the Outside Inn!

  182. Courtney Williams
    Courtney Williams says:

    Being out of state, Erin’s awesome blog not only keeps me up to date on happenigs around town, it also clues me in to the coolest new things to try when I’m visting. And her photos help with homesickness, especially in summer when I miss the river and all the fun activities around town. Thanks for keeping me in touch with home even when I’m far away 🙂

  183. Jerri Glover
    Jerri Glover says:

    My favorite thing about your blog, besides the fabulous photos is the way you tirelessly promote local businesses and community to both the locals and those who visit from out of the area. As the inn keeper for Outside Inn you are an amazing ambassador for our community. THANK YOU.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Ambassador huh? Wonder what the diplomatic privileges are? I think tirelessly is a good work choice to describe my efforts, since you’ve seen me dash in and dash out without as much as a hello… But we’ve all got to work together, keep up your hard work! And if you know anyone who’s interested I’m teaching a blogging class in January at Sierra Commons.

  184. Meshawn
    Meshawn says:

    I love that I can count on the Outside Inn’s blog to let us know what’s happening in town. Having just moved back to NC, it’s a super easy way to get connected. Also, fate since we ended up moving right up the street and can now enjoy (and hopefully share our own bounty) our neighbor’s excess fruits and veggies in your famous free veggies baskets.

    But what I really love are the pics – an easy, beautiful, share-worthy way to showcase our cute little town. Thanks Erin, for keeping us all informed 🙂

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      I’m glad you know that the veggie cart is famous… part of Nevada City-lore. And I love that my social media followers (mostly Instagram and Twitter) always know when there’s a bounty to be shared (you could just use the good ol walk down the street option too). Welcome back to Nevada City!

  185. Pam
    Pam says:

    I am always happy to see your posts about Nevada City. The photographs are just beautiful. We stayed with you back a couple years ago when we were buying a house out in Cascade Shores. I’ve learned so much about Nevada City from you Erin, and now have a list of places to check out when we move out there in 2014! So exciting! Thank you!

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      So glad the Outside Inn was on your path to life in Nevada County. And the list of places to visit is long, my advice- pace yourself. Even us “old timers” are still discovering new things around here.

  186. Sadie Hartmann
    Sadie Hartmann says:

    Thanks for this once in a lifetime opportunity to win! I love that this blog is a true fan of small business owners and the unity of our unique community. I’m always impressed with the creative ways this blog imagines to bring our small into into the homes of its members. Thanks for putting this together! ~Sadie xox

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Oh who knows, at the rate I’m going, there’ll be another epic giveaway next year… Small business owners gotta stick together, think local! Thanks for your comment. Check back tomorrow to see….

  187. Douglas Keachie
    Douglas Keachie says:

    Merry Christmas, I have no idea i this eneters me into all of the possible giveaways, or noee. There seem to be three links in the priginal post.

  188. Douglas Keachie
    Douglas Keachie says:

    What do I like most? More than just an ad for your Inn, you truly interact with the community with the wide range of topics and excellent photos.

    • Erin
      Erin says:

      Thanks Corisa, I love that you forgot to mention the stampede of people I sent to your shop Green Light when I plugged it on the blog! I too love those snow photos, I was like a little kid walking the streets with my camera.

  189. Sydney James
    Sydney James says:

    There really is nothing better than reading The Outside Inn blog to keep my Nevada City roots intact! This Nevada County girl turned San Franciscan has a sweet spot for home and I stay connected through posts and pics from The Outside Inn. Even better is my built in buddy and tour guide, Erin, who knows everything going on when we come home for a foothill escape! See you soon.

  190. Avi Morgan
    Avi Morgan says:

    I come to the Outside Inn blog to check out the photos, which are taken by the owner Erin. Her photos and accompanying articles give great takes on every local occasion, supplemented with plenty of information about local spots to adventure or otherwise investigate.

    We moved to Nevada City over a year ago and when friends and family come to check out our cool little town, we advise a stay at the Outside Inn because every single room has a unique theme, which really is pretty awesome.

  191. Katie White
    Katie White says:

    I love the Outside Inn’s blog for staying true to local businesses, showcasing the most beautiful spots in the area, helping the community, and beautifully showing the outside world a great example of what it means to be from this amazing little town. Thank you Erin for all you do!!

  192. Catharine Bramkamp
    Catharine Bramkamp says:

    I love that you are so involved with Nevada City and your promotion of all the events and businesses. I love Victorian Christmas and Hot Summer Nights, both excuses to see old friends and be part of the energy that is one of the most attractive aspects of the town!

  193. Ted
    Ted says:

    Favorite photo? Oh, that’s easy!

    Herm & Fleshy dancing and handing out candy on Halloween!

  194. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    The Outside Inn blog captures so much that is beautiful and unique about our area: the events, the seasons, the restaurants and shops, and the people. Erin’s photographs are charming and often breathtaking and even though I know this area well I’m always seeing it in a new way. Thank you Outside Inn for helping make Nevada County a great place to visit and to live!

  195. Erica
    Erica says:

    What do I love about the Outside Inn blog? Everything! Especially the woman who runs it. Erin makes me want to move to NC, sip coffee by the creek, have lunch downtown, and sip wine by the fire at night. Miss you!

  196. Gail Bennett
    Gail Bennett says:

    My husband and I watched The Christmas Card AGAIN
    yesterday. We are 69 and 70, and I am only so so on the computer, so I hope this comes out good. Also this is the first time I have logged into a blog. We wanted to get the details on Nevada City, and I was not just surprised but delighted that this wonderful place actually exists. I am still going through all the items on the web site, but your blog has helped me to feel at home. I have signed up to receive future blog postings and I look forward to this beginning. You and your wonderful town have just made the most fantastic impression on both of us. The first thing my husband said to me was “How would you feel about moving?”, which may sound extreme, but we are thinking about it. Thank you and I look forward to your future blogs.

  197. Tyson
    Tyson says:

    It’s the photos!
    They catch my eye and make me curios to find the spots, or go get a fresh cucumber! Thanks for a great blog!!

  198. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    What an awesome package! I love what you do for Halloween for the kids…fantastic blog and great topics. Thanks

  199. Cassie McAlister
    Cassie McAlister says:

    I absolutely love our town, Nevada City. It’s “Small Town USA” at its most authentic. Strolling down Broad Street, you’re not sure if your at Disneyland on Main Street or the real deal. Not only is Nevada City the “real deal”, but it represents true community as well just like small town USA should be. Just today, my son and his father were able to serve at a homeless shelter among community friends at a moment’s notice. That’s how our community is……family. What I appreciate most about Innside Nevada City blog is that with its professional photography and detailed descriptions it depicts Nevada City to a T. It doesn’t sugar coat the community, but presents the reality of the beauty, culture, and all that this amazing community has to offer.

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